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General News of Tuesday, 22 February 2022


Lack of direction among youth responsible for unemployment – Security Consultant

Security Consultant, Richard Kumadoe Security Consultant, Richard Kumadoe

In seeking to understand the frustrations seen in Ghana regarding unemployment and its security implications on the country, a fraud and security consultant, has attributed the phenomenon to lack of direction among the youth.

Richard Kumadoe who doubles as a personal development coach, said the youth are continuously taken through the educational system without guidance and counselling to match courses opted for with the students’ life aspirations and projections.

According to him, the services of the guidance and counselling personnel have faded away and the “big brothers and big sisters are not counselling anybody again”.

This, he said, results in unproductiveness and disinterestedness among the youth who secure jobs or seek opportunities during job openings, and consequently their unemployment.

“When they finish the courses, the frustrations are much more than the jobs not available in the system,” said Mr. Kumadoe on the Anopa Bofoↄ show on Monday February 21, 2022.

His comments however is in agreement with the feedback some employers provided during the two-day Job and Career Fair organized by the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) in partnership with some 70 private companies including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), in Accra in September 2021.

According to some of the job interviewers, many of the applicants who turned up at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) either did not have the requisite skills or were not interested in the roles they were expected to play in the companies applied for, due to inconsistencies in their courses and aspirations or projections.

Mr. Kumadoe nonetheless stressed the need for informal education to complement the formal one provided to the youth to ensure that the “confusion” among them is reduced.

The former National Investigation Bureau (NIB) officer, also attributed the frustrations of the youth to greed.

“If there is no job and they say Yaa should do six hours and I should do six or let me do four so Yaa does six because she has children, I will say no…But in the US they do it because they care about each other.”

Other factors he mentioned to be responsible include corruption and fraud which he noted would have created jobs if all the monies lost in the malpractices were protected.