Lack of dialogue heightening political tension – Rev. Asante | General News 2016-06-17
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General News of Friday, 17 June 2016


Lack of dialogue heightening political tension – Rev. Asante

The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Asante, has bemoaned the lack of interaction between the two major political parties, the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), ahead of the November polls.

In Dr. Asante’s view, the lack of dialogue between the two, has contributed to heightened political tensions with the general elections only five months away.

Speaking at the 9th Lady Chief Justice Mentorship Programme, Rev. Asante admonished political parties to dialogue with each other ahead of the polls. In his words, “Jaw-jawing is better than war-warring.”

Rev. Asante lamented the fact that, the two main political parties were not interacting enough and viewed this as a major problem.

“When people come together to discuss issues and talk, it helps. The problem facing us in this country as we go into the 2016 elections is that, our two major parties are not talking the way we expect them to.”

He thus suggested that more dialogue is needed to pave the way for a better understanding of why Ghana as a nation should be the priority of the various parties.

“When the begin to talk, agree to disagree and understand that the issue is not party but Ghana, then we will be able to get somewhere,” Rev. Asante stated.