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Opinions of Saturday, 11 May 2013

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Kojogah Accused Afari Gyan Of Massive Election Irregularities

What is the Mahama and the NDC Lawyers trying to do? Throwing the EC under the Bus? The same people who have been vehemently denied that any election malpractices happened during the December 7th and 8th elections have now changed their tunes and are now blaming Afari Djan for organizing an election with maassive irregulaties including over voting and voting without Biometric verification machines. Folks, what has happened is that, NDC after realising how Dr. Bawumiah has stood his ground and convinced even some diehard NDC Supporters that voting fraud happened are now changing course and blaming Afari Djan for any mistake that went on without the knowledge of Mahama and his NDC Party and Lawyer Victor Kojogah Adawuda came out and without mincing words, blamed the EC and Afari Gyan for a badly conducted election.

"NDC Lawyer Victor Kojogah Adawudu found it very intriguing why the petitioners only picked polling stations where President Mahama won when in fact similar alleged irregularities occurred in their strongholds.He was of the opinion that the entire 2012 general election results were marred with errors as a result of the ‘ignorance’ of some staff of the Electoral Commission. Lawyer Adawudu said the NDC will prove to the Justices that massive irregularities occurred at polling stations won by Akufo-Addo but for political expediency they [petitioners] hid it from Ghanaians."

This is really rich coming from NDC Lawyer.Lawyer Addison, thank you for giving me that rich quote. Why are we still still debating this election case in court if NDC Lawyer is even saying that irregularties occurred because of the IGNORANCE OF THE EC OFFICIALS. NDC is throwing the Electoral Commission and Dr.Afari Djan under the bus by blaming them for organizing an election marred with MASSIVE IRREGULARIETIES. Folks, those words in bold letters in this paragraph were uttered by NDC Lawyer Kojogah. I hope the NPP Layers are taking notes of what the NDC Lawyers like Tsatsu and Kojogah have said and used it when Afari Djan and that cassava stick called Mosquito mounts the Witness stand and grill them like a thanksgiving turkey. Is it not what the Petitioners are trying to prove that massive irregularities occured during the elections? If the NDC Lawyers are now admitting that over voting and other irregularities occured during the elections, does it not conflict with the Electoral Commissioners insistance that, the elections was the fairest or the best that the EC has ever conducted and there was no irregularities? Is the NDC Lawyers not throwing the EC under the bus for conducting an election with massive irregularities? The "MASSIVE IRREGULARITIES" are words used by the NDC own lawyers not me and if they have admitted to massive irregulaties, does it not make the elections Null and Void? I just don't understand how the NDC Lawyers think but even if they can prove that irreguularities occurred in Ashanti and Eastern Regions, it was the EC who conducted elections in those regions and not NPP and that will also not prove that it was the NPP that benefitted from the irregularities in those Regions because NDC received more votes in Ashanti Region than all the regions apart from Greater Accra region and more likely those "KULULU" votes in those regions benefitted Mahama more than Nana Akuffo Addo. Will you even hire these NDC Lawyers to defend you in a traffic court to get your traffic ticket dismissed?

These NDC Lawyers know their supporters and have lied to them that, all the pink sheets submitted by the Petitioners are from only the places President Mahama won and that is patently false. The Petitioners pink sheets include more than one thousand pink sheets where Nana Akuffo Addo won and those votes NPP wants thrown out include more than 1.4 million votes from Nana Akuffo Addo and about 2.9 million Mahama votes. It's a lie when old comedian Ato-Dadzie comes out and tell the Ndc foot soldiers that, NPP is asking the Supreme Court to throw away only Mahama votes.

Justice Sarpong