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Entertainment of Friday, 26 November 2021


Kevin Taylor fights Samini, Sarkodie, and Lucky Mensah

Samini, Sarkodie and Lucky Mensah have been attacked for campaigning for the New Patriotic Party play videoSamini, Sarkodie and Lucky Mensah have been attacked for campaigning for the New Patriotic Party

Kevin Taylor chides some Ghanaian musicians for campaigning for NPP

Kevin Taylor blames some musicians for Ghana’s woes

Sarkodie, Samini and Lucky Mensah attacked on social media

Social commentator, Kevin Taylor, has lambasted some three popular Ghanaian musicians for actively campaigning for the NPP during the 2020 polls.

Kevin Taylor chided these A-list artistes including Samini, Sarkodie and Lucky Mensah for actively playing a role in NPP’s assumption of power, which according to him, had let to hardships in the country.

Although it is unclear what triggered his attacks, Taylor shot missiles at these musicians and labelled them a ‘stooge’.

He established that their relevance to the party ended immediately after the elections adding that the party only used and dumped them.

“Anytime I hear the name Sarkodie, I get pissed. Sarkodie is not intelligent. He is a tribal bigot. Because you have a couple of songs and you’re making money, you think you’re intellectual. I blame some bloggers for making you relevant. One day you’ll be performing on stage, and someone will hit you with a bottle all because you deceived Ghanaians by campaigning for the wrong party. As for Samini, you’re just going round giving birth with different women anyhow. Even the village where you hail from lacks potable water and yet you campaign for the wrong party. Now look everyone is suffering,” Kevin Taylor stated on his ‘Loud Silence’ show.

He added, “Lucky Mensah, an old man like you allowed yourself to be fooled by this political party. You stood on stage and campaigned for the NPP amidst their lies. These are political insects that shouldn’t even be given the chance in the country. You think by sharing the same campaign platform as them, they will continue to regard you?”.

One can recall that during the 2020 general elections, dancehall artiste Samini and High-life singer Lucky Mensah created a campaign song each for the NPP.

In the case of Sarkodie, he dedicated some lines in his ‘Happy day’ song which was released during the election period.

In the song, Sarkodie was heard eulogizing President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for the free S.H.S policy.

Watch the video below

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