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Opinions of Sunday, 15 October 2017

Columnist: Atiiga Osman Dauda

Kenya's elections and the brouhaha thereof

Uhuru Kenyatta, the incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta, the incumbent president

This article seeks to clarify some concepts and research information available to me concerning issues with Kenya's elections and its brouhaha aftermath.

I stand to be corrected on any misinformation and wrong analyses as this article is personally my point of view based on the researches I have made concerning this unfortunate situation in Kenya. Corrections on any of the information outlined below are duly welcomed.

From information and research I gathered, I support Raila Odinga's resolve. Let's consider these facts:

1. Kenya had a free election which composed of both parliamentary and presidential elections.

2. Uhuru Kenyatta- the incumbent president and Raila Odinga- the largest opposition leader, all filed and contested for the election.

3. The election was initially successful with Uhuru Kenyatta declared as the winner by the Electoral Commission of Kenya.

4. Raila Odinga felt cheated because he knew and had evidence that the election results were manipulated to favour the incumbent president. He totally refused to agree with the results declared by the EC and advised all his supporters and party loyalists to openly reject the election results declared by the EC.

5. This created tension in the region and as a result, some African leaders intervened and advised Raila Odinga to petition the supreme court on the election results. He did this as he was adviced.

6. The supreme court acknowledged the discrepancies pointed out in the election results declared by the EC and annulled the results. The supreme court called for re-election within a particular period. A date was fixed for the re-election.

7. Raila Odinga initially stated categorically that reforms must be made in the EC before he contests in the re-election.

8. The EC failed to do any reform and Raila Odinga pulled out of the election.

Now let's try to answer these questions:

1. Was it not the same EC that presided over the first election when the results were annulled for discrepancies?

2. What is the guarantee that no manipulation and cheating will occur in the re-election since the same structures and personnel are in place?

3. Didn't Raila Odinga say he does not trust the transparency of the EC and therefore reforms must be made before he accepts to participate in the re-election?

4. What is the EC's position here? To get the incumbent president to become the "rightly" elected president of Kenya??

5. From all the situations unfolding, can you say the EC is transparent and impartial?

6. Isn't Raila Odinga right after all?

7. Is the EC not bias and aims to get somebody with the minority's approval to rule Kenya?

My conclusion is, Raila Odinga pulling out of the election is the gentleman's way and shows that he does not want to plunge his beloved country into chaos.

So therefore, if there must be a re-run of the Kenya's election, a lot of prudent reforms will have to be made at the EC to ensure free and fair elections.

These reforms include changing some personnel and some structures with which the election was carried out. Everybody decides

The people's will leads

Reforms in Kenya's EC vital

Choosing Love over power drunkenness

Love first before desire

I salute, Mr Raila Odinga

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