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Politics of Friday, 25 June 2021


Kan Dapaah’s excuse for the use of force on DCOP Opare-Addo bizarre – Bonaa

Adam Bonaa, International security analyst Adam Bonaa, International security analyst

International security analyst Adam Bonaa, has described as rather bizarre the justification of the use of force to oust the former Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator DCOP Ayensu Opare-Addo sanctioned by the Minister of National Security Kan Dapaah in parliament.

He said there were many alternative means to get DCOP Opare-Addo out of office if he had breached any aspect of the agreement regarding his post. Such as going to court rather than using force in ousting a senior officer of his calibre.

Mr Bonaa said, "for the national security minister to make such pronouncement in court, to the extent that he (Mr Dapaah) said he will repeat such unruly act again if given a second chance is very bizarre for a democratic dispensation as have in Ghana."

He said if parliament finds nothing wrong with what the National Security Minister said about the conduct towards the former Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator then they will be endorsing instant mob justice in the country.

Mr Bonaa said this in an interview with Komla Adom on the Mid Day news on TV3, Thursday, June 24, when reacting to the comments made by Kan Dapaah in his justification of the forceful removal of DCOP Ayensu Opare-Addo from his post as the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator.

“They could have gone to court if they felt he was breaching a certain part of the agreement or he was breaching a part of the constitution if what he was doing was illegal because this doesn’t send a very good signal. The National Security Minister didn’t say this anywhere in the market circle to some students somewhere but he said this to parliament.

“And we know the importance of parliament in a democracy like ours, so for him to go and say the use of force should be acceptable and he is going to use it again if given a second chance, I find that very bizarre. I don’t know what parliament is going to do about those responses but I find his responses very bizarre if this is told to parliament and if they find that right, then I call it instant justice and mob action against him, if they find his responses to be something they can work with,” he charged.