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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Kadri Mohammed's move to Supersports for trial is disappointing

The departure of AshGold and Local Black Stars defender Kadri Mohammed to South African side Supersport for trial has been something I have been thinking and thinking about until my head is earthquaking.

I simply can't understand why a player who plays for the Local Black Stars and a regular for AshGold will not go to Supersport on outright basis, but for TRIALS.

Make no mistake, I have made enquiries at Supersport and the boy is going for trials not an outright deal. I have spoken to some sources close to the boy and AshGold and they have also confirmed that the boy is going for trials.

I am saddened. Seriously, I am struggling to understand why an astute football administrator like Kudjoe Fianoo would allow such a thing as the CEO of AshGold. I am told Mr. Fianoo is resigning nut not yet and he sanctioned the move.

I know the excuse will surely be that the player wants to go out there to make some dollars for the family because of the level of poverty in the country. OR the player wants to experience foreign football. These are the basic reasons always attached to moves like these.

But let's face it.

Kadri is already a member of the mainstream Black Stars and an integral member of the Local Black Stars.

So why would he want to move outside with such a lightening speed? Perhaps because of the money involved. But he is not even going for an outright deal for one to make money the reason. He is going for trials. Goodness me!

But even if money is the case, then why not the Israel move. Yes the boy had another offer from Israel for an outright deal. Yes, an outright deal in Israel but a trial deal was been chosen over an outright deal in Israel.

I suspect something fishy here. What at all will ignite such a move when we are aware that the deals were two?

Mr. Kudjoe Fianoo is an administrator I admire so much but I am disappointed in him for once. Why South Africa and why trials?

Make no mistake, this has got nothing to do with the quality of the Ghana Premier League. It has rather got to do with the negotiation skills and vision of our club administrators (This does not apply to Fianoo alone). Mr. Fianoo has always got it right with me but this time, it's wrong.

I'm really disappointed and if I had my way, Kadri Mohammed would go to Supersport but not for trials.

Bernard Morrison went to AS Vita Club for an outright deal. Lawrence Lartey went to Ajax Cape Town for an outright deal. ... and the list goes on.

But why must Kadri Mohammed, arguably the best center back in the Ghana Premier League, a Black Stars player and a Local Black Stars regular player go to South Africa for trials?