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Opinions of Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Columnist: Alert America

John Boadu gets an opponent in the bid for General Secretary of the NPP

Joe Baidoe-Ansah, it is your right, and an inalienable one under the constitution of our great elephant party, for anybody of good standing to contest for posts at all levels. I have no doubt that you are of good standing and honour. However, there are mountains that not just anyone can get up from their sleep one day and decide to climb and conquer. You know, before a person can climb a mountain, they must first muster the art of scaling fence walls.

Then they can begin to climb moles and short hills, like the smooth undulating type found on farmlands. Soon, they would move on to climb taller hills, and then begin to learn to conquer mountains. Some get to various levels and fall to their doom, while others get close to the peaks and tumble down; guess to where! Very few get to the top, some by way of serendipity, while the not so lucky others sweat it out.

Today, I heard that you, Joe Baidoe-Ansah, are going to contest John Boadu for the NPP National Secretary Position. The only one who can pose a serious threat to John Boadu is the loved former GS, Sir John. Beyond that, John Boadu is the Mount Everest you want to scale and conquer. You cannot!

I can’t, but wish you well. Let me add that when you fall to your political doom after the contest, and John Boadu is declared the substantive General-Secretary, you will notice that those who pushed you never intended to do you a favour, but apply their whims and caprices with the slimmest hope that they would succeed; and succeed they shall not! They think that they can push you so that if by the unlikely chance you are elected General-Secretary, they will control you to destroy the NPP as they tried and failed before!

John Boadu has gone further than you can even begin to imagine. He did his ground work before the fairy of serendipity struck him with the abracadabra magic wand. You see, he is also loved by many; very many! I won’t hide my love for him either, but that does not mean that I won’t tell it as it is. He knows, and all the others know that, too.

Besides, he is competent, if you ask me. He has held the post in acting, and delivered sweet victory for the NPP. Of course that is to say with the cumulative efforts of all the various groups including the youth wing under the able and most loved Sammy Awuku and his deputy Dominic Edua, who is currently vying for the NYO position of our dear party. That is the competence I am talking about. So please, when you want to face a tried and tested person like John Boadu, please bear in mind that you will end up spending the rest of all the NPP years in Power licking your wounds, especially if the real faces behind you are the suspected Kwabena Agyepong and Paul Afoko.

Watch out my brother, Joe Baiden-Ansah, even clear waters can be treacherous, and inasmuch as you feel the waters are clear and peaceful, don’t jump. You might just sink and never come out. Even the best swimmers cannot fight the invisible currents of the clearest waters, and no matter how long they swim with breaststrokes, backstrokes, butterfly moves, and so on, eventually they will succumb to their fate and drown.

I pray you do not drown!

GOD bless the NPP.