JB Danquah's wife stings police over sexual assault, waist beads | General News 2019-02-11
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General News of Monday, 11 February 2019

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JB Danquah's wife stings police over sexual assault, waist beads

The wife of the murdered Member of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa North, J.B. Danquah Adu, has berated the police for allegedly harassing her sexually, with one of them even proposing love to her.

In an unrestrained post on social media, she wondered why a detective would pose questions about whether she wears waist beads or not.

In her numerous appearances at the Police Headquarters, she likened her experience at the hands of an all-men team of detectives to scrubbing a fresh wound with Himalayan rock salt when she was asked, as she put it, “Madam do you wear waist beads?”

She described the line of questioning as an attempt by the cops to get familiar with what was in her underwear.

If that was startling, perhaps her revelation of a police officer proposing love and marriage to her is unnerving in her estimation.

“And if you think that’s inappropriate, try that Sunday morning when one of those men, a man at the helm of investigating my husband’s murder, thought it sensible to muster the sheer unadorned temerity, call me and tell me how beautiful and sexy he thinks I am and give me reasons why I must marry him; an already married man,” she said in the post.

The police officer, she elaborated “is head of a certain significant unit at the CID… and I’m supposed to trust that they did a great job? May God forgive him.”

Interrogation Room

DAILY GUIDE has unearthed segments of what transpired during the interrogation although the paper is unable to ascertain the outside interrogation room ‘love proposal’ by a head of a unit of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) as she claimed.

During the interaction with the detectives, some of the finest in the country, DAILY GUIDE learnt about how a video recording of the crime scene which the team watched revealed some telltale objects.

The paper learnt that the objects determined some aspects of the line of questioning.

It sounded intriguing that a set of shining waist beads was found in the bedroom picture after she had told the police that she slept in a different room and was not sharing the bed with her husband, DAILY GUIDE learnt.

Besides, the widow is reported to have told the police that she does not use waist beads and could not even remember the last time she wore a set. Therefore, the detectives were interested in finding out whether there was a third person who could have had a hand in the murder.

Ms. Ivy Heward-Mills ruled out any chance of her husband bringing a woman to the matrimonial home – a vouch which augmented the curiosity of the police.

The allegation she levelled at the police regarding the love proposal is serious and borders on unprofessionalism, if proven to be true.

It is an allegation whose enormity demands a response from the law enforcement agency, considering the confidence with which the complainant put it out in the public domain.

The suspects in the murder of the late MP have been committed by an Accra Central District Court to stand trial at a high court.