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General News of Tuesday, 24 August 2021


It’s not all about dualization of our roads, respect Road Traffic Regulations – MP for Adaklu

Member of Parliament for Adaklu Constituency, Kwame Governs Agbodza Member of Parliament for Adaklu Constituency, Kwame Governs Agbodza

• There has been a surge in road accidents in the country recently

• The MP for Adaklu has called for strict compliance to Road Traffic Regulations in Ghana

• He argued that dualising our roads can't entirely solve the issue of road accidents

The lives of innocent Ghanaians continue to be at risk due to the high rate of road accidents, a situation that has claimed the lives of breadwinners and shattered the dreams of families, consequently putting fear in the lives of passengers who board vehicles with little or no assurance of arriving at their destination alive.

In finding a lasting solution to this canker, many have proposed the dualization of all major roads in the country.

However, the Member of Parliament for Adaklu Constituency, Kwame Governs Agbodza, during a discussion on PM Express on the surge of road accidents in the country which witnessed 19 persons losing their lives in 2 separate accidents in the Central and Eastern Region over the weekend, noted that dualizing Ghana’s major roads will not entirely solve the situation.

The MP has called for compliance with the Road Traffic Regulations by drivers who ply the various routes in the country, adding that any person found flouting these laws must be sanctioned to serve as a deterrent to other reckless drivers who put human lives in danger.

“I don’t believe there is anywhere in the world where the majority of the roads in that country are dualized. But the enforcement regime is such that even if you are driving on a cottage road, you adhere to the speed limit and how you conduct yourself on the particular road,” Mr Agbodza said.

He added that “The law in this country says that you should only overtake a vehicle when it is safe to do so.”

He further explained: “I don’t see much difference in terms of the Road Safety Act in Ghana and in the UK. It is almost the same. If you are driving and you use your phone in London, it is 60 pounds or so instantly and you can get about 6 points on your license. But guess what. Members of Parliament, Ministers of State, medical doctors, police, everybody is driving while speaking on the phone. Nobody is able to enforce those basic laws."

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