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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

It's Time For Mahama To Leave The Presidency

"President John Dramani Mahama on Sunday sent a clear message to his critiques warning them not to frustrate the efforts of government with their criticisms saying: "Those who are not ready to help should not disrupt our development agenda either."

Recent outbursts from the Office of the President by the President himself and his acolytes show that, the Mahama's Presidency is like the metaphorical "Konongo Kaya" folklore where a "kaya kaya" (Male Porter) who cannot do the job himself will not allow somebody else to do it. Mahama through his recent statements shows a presidency in disarray without any solution in the horizon. If anybody should be ready to be President of Ghana, Mahama should be amongst the top two or three people going by experience. He has been a member of Parliament, Minister of Communication during Rawlings Presidency and a Vice President for three years before assuming the Presidency in July 2012 after the mysterious death of Atta the "Konongo Kaya" Mills but so far Mahama's Presidency has been a disappointment economically, socially and morally. A pantomime of indecisions and childish prankings have been the hallmark of his over one year administration. He can't accept criticism not knowing the Presidency is not the enskinnement of Bole-Wura who has authoritative power not subject to criticism.

It is remarkable that a man could look pious, cynical, good humoured and corrupt all at once and that is an apt description of the Bole-Bamboi Politician who has been foisted on Ghanaians by the unfortunate passing of President Mills and Mahama winning the lottery Presidency through the help of Atuguba the uncanny Supreme Court Justice whose intentional mis-reading of the Supreme Court decision has cemented this "Akomfemization" of Mahama's Presidency.The Presidency and for that matter ruling a country is a mental combat Mahama is not equiped to handle hence his frustrated statements;

"President John Mahama says his critics should be patient with his government because the bus of his administration is currently travelling in its “first gear". "President John Dramani Mahama has described as unfair, the incessant public criticism against the performance of his government."

Any driver, even the bad ones can tell you that leaving your clutch on first gear for so long can lead ro the ruin of your transmission and Mahama has been driving on first gear and ruinning the economy of Ghana. Now this bad driver has promised to move to the fourth gear very soon and I hope he does so by going through the motions of second and third gear before causing fender benders on the highway to hell he is driving this car to and sending all of us to our economic death.

If any Ghanaian is in doubt of the frustration of this administration, they should take a cue from what Mahama's Security Advisor, General Nunoo-Mensah told Workers planning to go on demonstration to register their displeassure about the recent increase in utility prices of electricity and water. He told these workers to get their passports and leave the country if they don't like what is going on in the country. This is the same Nunoo-Mensah who during President Kuffour's administration complained about not being able to buy three tilapia fish at a cost of GCh5.00 and adumbrated that administration for the hardships in Ghana. Did Nunoo Mensah procure a passport and leave the country? At least these workers are not talking about tilapias which are beyond most of them now at a cost of GCh24.00 for the same three tilapias this "foodian" Nunoo-Mensah complained about.

Another of Mahama's Ministers in charge of Energy, one Buah told Ghanaians to turn their electricity off and resort to candles if they cannot afford it, what a cheeky and foolish comment to be made by a Minister. This is a man earning about ten times what an average government worker earns and getting free water and electricity not counting free housing and cars telling poor Ghanaians who pay his benefits to turn off their electricity and resort to candles so that they can burn themselves to death whilst he his falimy live comfortably at their mansion paid for by these poor workers,they are demanding the basic necessities of life, water and electricity and not tilapia fish as Nunoo Mensah complained about.

Not to be out-done by the stupidities of Nunoo Mensah and Buah, one Clement Apaak who formed a group to sing to Mahama praises and defended Mahama's policy to deny other Ghanaians free education he and Mahama enjoyed freely and finally was rewarded for his pompom waving abilities with a Presidential Adisor's position has this to say about those criticizing Mahama;

"Presidential Staffer, Dr. Clement Apaak says it is unfair for anyone to blame the president for the GHS144 million scandal involving Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Subah Infosolutions Limited or any acts of corruption in the country." "Apeete", (that is what villagers in Akan call Akpeteshie) or Apaak, are you really serious? Who do you want Ghanaians to blame for that corruption, Rawlings or Kuffour? When is this administration and its mental midget Advisors going to grow brains and start talking like adults? Has he heard of President Truman's, the buck stops at the President's desks? I guess in Ghana the buck does not stop at the President's desk but gets passed on to the people, what a banana Republic Mahama and his entourage from where ever they came from are creating.

Mahama's strategy of hiding his inefficiencies by making childish inexcusable comparisons is not fooling majority of Ghanaians who are in tune with the enormous economic problems facing the country and instead of the President sitting down with his Economic team and coming up with workable solutions instead has turned this into auspicating at Churches. Mahama has this self-delusion of being a better communicator which most times gets him in trouble because he comes across in his effusions as being ill-informed and illogocal. He should stop promising better times ahead and act now. We should subject Mahama into analysand to ensure if he is a Presidential material at this time when the country is on the precipice of falling into an economic abyss. Mahama's illogical comparison of Ghana to countries like USA, Germany, UK and Japan shows that he has no clue of the problems Ghana is in at the moment.

Mahama has now found comfort in the Church by attending Church functions and turning them into defending his clueless administration policies and making more promises he can't deliver. It will be better for this Mahama to set a record by resigning and telling Ghanaians he made a mistake by asking them for their votes to become President without knowing he has no ability or is not a Presidential material instead of this "KONONGO KAYA" behaviour he has been exhibiting as a President so far.

Justice Sarpong