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Opinions of Monday, 2 December 2013

Columnist: Amankwanor, Roland

Is the national democratic congress an ewe party ?

(PART 2)

Some few weeks ago, we did an analysis on whether the ruling National Democratic Congress was a tribal ewe union. We have come to the startling conclusion that the National Democratic Congress is hugely dominated and controlled by Ewes.
President John Mahama is seriously being undermined by an ewe mafia that is wrestling for control of the party and their spearhead will be Mr Kofi Portuphy when he launches his bid to be chairman. There is also serious plotting to field Mr Alex Segbefia ,an Ewe as presidential candidate to restore to glory the domination they once held under former President Jerry Rawlings during the 19 years of PNDC/NDC rule.
Various Ewe personalities within the NDC are desperate for the implementation of the Asigame protocol signed by Brigadier Kattah, Captain Kojo Tsikata and Professor Kofi Awoonor in 1976 which will impose Ewe hegemony again over Ghana.
The Anlo domination of NDC politics is set to dominate centre stage or the next 2 years .Ewes in the NDC are fed up being used by the party to fight for power only to be dumped on the sidewalk. They are determined to control affairs of the party either from the frontline or behind the scenes
The strategy that has served the NDC well over the last 3 decades will continue to be implemented in various guises The NDC will never appoint any of its members to sensitive positions if one of the parent or grandparent at least is not from the Volta Region.
They will also continue recruit members of Ewe extraction who have Akan names to give a semblance that they are broad based but they are still Ewe.
Also a spiritual pact with Togolese President Faure Gnassingbe which was done with the slaughter of 25 sheep and 10 cows, signifying spiritual dominion of all the 10 regions of Ghana at a shrine in Kodjoviakope in Togo to bind the ruling RPT in Togo and the NDC in Ghana to spiritually rule Ghana for 20 years uninterrupted. There is also an agreement with Ewes in the neighbouring Togo and Republic of Benin to migrate at least 180,000 of their kinsmen to settle in the Volta Region to beef up their numbers before the next election in 2016.

It is time all Ghanaians rise up to fight the Asigame protocol which is a cancer that is a threat to the peace and stability of Ghana

Roland Amankwanor
Alhaji Suraju Musah Mohammed
New Free Press
Kotobabi Abavana Down