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Opinions of Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Columnist: Seshie, Stanley

Is the Modern Blackman failing the Ancient Blackman?

Today when we see the skycrapers of US, France, Japan, China, Abu
Dhabi, Dubai and many others, nothing enveloped us than admiration for
them. The imposing architectural designs speak volumes of their

More than ever, it reveals their intellectual capacity.
However, are pyramids not to the ancient world what skycrapers are to
the modern world? Is the conception through to construction of a
pyramid not revealing of similar scientific, technological,
engineering and mathematical acumen of the ancient in those

Does it not reveal the intellectual capacity of the
Egyptian the African hence the Blackman? How come that the modern day
Blackman, instead of building on the laurels of his own, is now
lagging in the very things he practically laid the foundation? Let us
go on.

We all did a little of mathematics in school. We all learnt Roman
numerals but no one told us that the European number systems were
improvements on that of the Egyptians. Black Africans developed all
the beginnings of the mathematics such as algebra, geometry and
mensuration in Egypt. You remember mensuration in core mathematics in
SHS, no question disturbs than those of the pyramids especially if it
is about calculating the height and slant height. Yet, not only were
the ancient Egyptians proficient in solving these questions, they even
transposed it from the conceptual into the actual world as physical
structures. Every architect knows the indispensable role of
mathematics in putting up good physical structures. The Blackman is
not inferior by nature and nurture to anyone.

Yet, all mathematics textbooks we ever used till-date credited
Europeans(Greeks) as developers of the beginning mathematics.
Hippocrates of Greek is the father of physicians whilst Black Imhotep
of ancient Egypt, the true first greatest physician of the ancient
world is nowhere near. In addition, no one told us that most of the
respected ancient Greek philosophers such as Plato, Pythagoras,
Thales, Aristotle, Archimedes, Socrates and others even admitted
through some of their writings that Black Egyptian scribes thought
them. Alternatively, that, they were exposed to inspirational and
educational works of scribes of ancient Egypt.

All of us remember Pythagoras theorem about the right angle triangle
meanwhile ancient Egyptians were using that formula long before
Pythagoras brought it to the notice of the Europeans. Well, the
systemic Eurocentric misrepresentation of history, intended to deny
the African any place in contributions to science, technology,
engineering and mathematics as well as politics and economics and
poetry, handed over most claims of original inventions to their own.
With the exception of "the Blackman is incurably religious" which they
manipulated now to our detriment, they systemically hid the real true
Blackman from the modern day African. Actually, intentionally or not,
it seems some ancient Jews started the whole effort of blackening the
ancient light of the Blackman.

You remember Moses of the Bible, and the famous exodus story. Ancient
Egypt was an economic and intellectual hub and neighbours thronged it
for participation. Therefore, it is imaginable that ancient Jews also
went there like everyone else. However, instead of Jewish scribes
admitting the intellectual deficiency of Moses as well as the lazy but
parasitic attitude of Jews, they fabricated all sorts of stories about
Egyptians and painting them as oppressors and suppressors. This is the
mythically cloaked story of a parasitic tribe who presented themselves
as victims of extreme wickedness from their helpers. Unfortunately,
most Africans believed the story as historical fact. What is worse is
that this is the only story some educated Africa adults and children
know about ancient Egypt, the pinnacle of ancient civilization where
all nations visited for education. Ancient Egypt where the Blackman
accomplished so many feats across the spectrum of science, technology,
engineering and mathematics as well as politics and economics and to
serve as a source of motivation to modern day Blacks, is now a symbol
of suffering and bondage to them, all because of a mythical story.

Ancient Egypt to the average Ghanaian meant nothing than bondage and
suffering. It is fossilized into consciousness of the masses via
campaign slogans of some politicians; "moving from the land of Egypt
(Suffering) to the promise land", "let so so-and-so free us from Egypt
(Bondage)". A similar statement saturates the nation on huge banners
and posters of most pastors, priests, prophets, reverends instilling
the ignorance into the congregants. This tells you how deeply twisted
the average Ghanaian mind about ancient Egypt is.

The systemic machinery to misrepresent history to the Blackman was
implicit in the Bible, and perpetuated via Christianity. Some sections
of the academia and politicans reinforced it. The Blackman is, in the
words of P. W. Botha, a symbol of inferiority. In addition, Frantz
Fanon says "to the Blackman, there is only one destiny. And it is
White". In other words, the Blackman is genetically inferior. In that
regard, implicitly but intricately woven into the strategic
atmosphere, is to let the colonized (Blacks) put in all efforts to
imitate and become the colonizer (White). That is the Blackman ought
to, literally bleach himself to join the superior class. Essentially
that is what we are doing albeit never succeeding at it. A vicious
cycle for the colonized Blackman to convince himself that anything
good is outside of himself and his continent.

The current struggling status of the Blackman caught up in the web of
historical misrepresentation of his achivement shows clearly the need
for inspiration to assail those challenges. The inspiration is in our
self, the Blackman. The modern day Black child ought to know the fact
he is a child of the beginner of the adventurous use of the human
mind. Ancient Egypt is symbolic of the intellectual capacity and
capability of the Blackman. As for my fellow Ghanaians with unshakable
conviction in the mythical story, ancient Egypt is not a symbol of
suffering and bondage as your bible, pastors, priests tells you almost
every day and sometimes by our political slogans. Morever, contrary to
the assertion of Frantz Fanon, our destiny is to be our self, Black.
In the same vein, contrary to assertion of P. W. Botha, the Blackman
is not a symbol of inferiority.

This impression of inferiority leading to 'White destiny" as the only
way out for Blackman was created and imposed via the pervasive
Eurocentric misinformation that saturated the system. It is worth
mentioning that colonization equally provided medium for the
propagation of the distorted history by foreign religions,
particularly Christianity. Remember in Christianity, you must be
reading and hearing a non-Black history every day else, you miss the
White spiritual destiny. The typical average Ghanaian will prefer
touring Israel to see the tomb of Jesus Christ and further immerse
himself in the illusion than tour Egypt, see the pyramids and be
convinced of the intellectual capacity of the Blackman even then.

The modern day Blackman is failing the ancient Blackman who
practically laid the foundation to the adventurous use of the human
mind across the spectrum of human endeavor. Despite the undeniable
increasing interaction of all nations in our generation, the Chinese,
Indians, Japanese among others are finding inspirations in the
intellectual capacity of their ancestors and today, they are developed
and developing. It is only the modern day Blackman of Africa who is
convinced that there is nothing historically inspirational about his
ancestors. Therefore, must now look outside for inspiration. Meanwhile
the Blackman once ruled this world when he was himself.



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