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General News of Tuesday, 20 July 2021


Is it animals who play football? – Badu Kobi replies Prophet Oduro, other critics

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the founder of the Glorious Wave Church Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the founder of the Glorious Wave Church

•Badu Kobi has defended his prophetic prowess

•He believes that his critics are envious of his gift and seeking his downfall

•He has responded to claims that football and politics are no areas of interest for God

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, the founder of the Glorious Wave Church International has issued a sharp rebuttal to remarks by Prophet Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster International Ministries that God does not dabble in political and sports activities.

According to Badu Kobi, any pastor who make such assertions lacks the knowledge to lead a congregation as the Bible makes it clear that God has unrestrained access to everything in the world.

Delivering a sermon on Sunday, July 18, 2021, Prophet Badu Kobi defended his decision to make predictions about football and politics.

He noted that men of Ghana are blessed with the power to speak on all aspects of human endeavor and prophesy where necessary.

“For in him we live. So where is football? In him. Where is athletics? In him. Where is marriage? In him. Where is money? In him. In him we live, in him we move. In him we have our existence because we are his children. You are not a child of your father. God passed through your mother. You are not a product of your mother. A time will come that any nation that doesn’t know God will bow.

“Nebuchadnezzar controlled 127 countries but acknowledged that God rules the affairs of men. Prophesy to people but don’t prophesy about football. Is it animals who play football? Talk to me. Is it animals who do football? Is it animals who are in the education ministry? Let’s talk about everything. The church must introduce everything They said we should not talk about football. Anybody who says this is senseless. Who told you football is for juju? Who said evil spirit control football?” he quizzed.

Prophet Kofi Oduro had earlier questioned the spiritual competence of men of God who talk about football and politics.

He said that God is more concerned with dealing with important things than to veer into politics.

“I wish you people could understand the simplicity of the gospel. How simple it is. If we understood it, we would not bring madness like prophecy to football. We will not bring about madness like prophecy to politics. There are some things God does not think about. God does not think about those things. God doesn’t even know Kotoko, Hearts or Okwahu United. What is he going to use Bechem United for? Ghanaians should stop fooling,” he said.

Prophet Badu Kobi also defended his failed prophecies, stressing that it is not unusual for prophecies to fail.

“There is no prophet without a failed prophecy. They should show me one. If everything we prophesy cames to pass, every church member would have succeeded. I will show you the missing tool they don’t know. Few days I prophesied and it came to pass. " "As we speak my prophecy about South Africa is happening. I will prophesy till I die and any man who doesn’t understand prophecy should sit down and be taught about prophecy. They killed TB Joshua, they think I will allow them to kill me, never.”