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General News of Wednesday, 29 September 2021


Invite and interrogate Ablakwa over claims of disquiet in the Ghana Air Force - Adam Bonaa to Police

Ghanaian security analyst, Adam Bonaa Ghanaian security analyst, Adam Bonaa

• Adam Bonaa is calling the Ghana Police Service to interrogate claims By Okudzeto Ablakwa that there is disquiet in the Ghana Air Force

• According to the security analyst, a disquiet in the Armed Forces is a form of mutiny which can threaten the peace of the country

• He was reacting to claims by the North Tongu MP who says there is disquiet in the Air Force over the president’s choice of private jets for foreign travels

Ghanaian security analyst, Adam Bonaa wants the Ghana Police Service to thoroughly interrogate claims by Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa that there is disquiet in the Ghana Air Force.

Mr Bonaa says the Ghana Police Service must invite the MP and interrogate him over his claims of disquiet in the Air Force over the President’s choice of chartered luxury private jets over the official presidential jet for his foreign travels.

“I believe the state security agencies would have to invite him for interrogation. Perhaps he knows something that we are not aware of. Koku Anyidoho passed a certain disparaging comment and he was invited, he was locked up in fact, and subsequently we all know what happened after. Others have been picked up for questioning for saying literally things that are irrelevant in our security circles.

“So I think that once he says there is a disquiet in the Air Force, we need to know what disquiet that is. As a Member of Parliament, he should know better, I am sure he could have sat the Defense and Interior Committee of Parliament down to tell them what it is. He knows where the CDS is, knows where the Minister of Defense’s office is, he knows where even the president is. I am sure he is even closer to the president than any of us. So if he knows something, he should let us know,” he stated.

On the need to attach the level of seriousness he is calling for, to the MP’s statement, Mr Bonaa equated the claims of disquiet in the military to mutiny and thus emphasized the need for the claim to be properly interrogated.

“Anyone who lived through the coup days of this country will tell you that very often than not, you’ll hear one thing or the other and either those around back then disregarded it or those of us who were that time born disregarded it until something happened. Then we realize that we could have done something and we didn’t.

“So mine is that, this is an open invitation. When you say there is disquiet, disquiet in the armed forces is literally mutiny and mutiny is a serious thing in the security services where the officers are going to disregard every instruction by their superiors. These are regimented organizations so you don’t just say there is disquiet,” he said.

Contrary to the claims by the MP, the Ghana Armed Forces in statement signed by it’s Acting Director of Public Relations, Commander Andy La-Anyane stated that: “We wish to state unequivocally that this allegation is untrue and without basis.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, the morale of personnel, not only in the Ghana Air Force, as is being alleged, but the entire Ghana Armed Forces, has never been at a very higher level”.

But reacting to the response by the Air Force, Adam Bonaa stated that the police need to go beyond the statement by the military and establish the facts behind Mr Ablakwa’s claims in the interest of protecting the security of the country.

“The Armed Force are not part of law enforcement and the police cannot also come out to say what Mr Ablakwa is saying is wrong without any form of investigation. If a solider commits a crime it is the police that prosecutes the soldier and not the military. So that is why I am not asking the soldiers to interrogate this, I am asking the Ghana Police Service who are clothed with the power to investigate this, invite him, find out what he knows that we are not aware of,” he added.

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