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Opinions of Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Columnist: Acheamfour, Baah

Insha Allah, Jake Is In Full Control Of NPP.

The Three times Greater Accra Regional Chairman of NPP, Two times victorious and successful campaign manager(2000 and 2004) for Former President Kuffour, The first Chief of Staff in Kuffour’s unsurpassed Administration, Former Information Minister, Former Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations now the National Chairman of New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the person of Mr. Jake Otanka Obetsebi- Lamptey who is well known as the Strategist has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is in full control and affairs of the party and that I can authentically say with no fear or favour that the party is in good hands under the leadership of this noble man.

If readers could recall, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey made some two key promises during his electioneering campaign tour and sworn to abide by those promises. The first promise was internal, that was, as to whether an early congress would be a benefit to the party or not.

It was a massive test for Jake to remain in his stands to conduct the August 7th election since the whole world tuned at him as to whether he would remain on his foot as the chief captain in the ship or would be taken away by the “storm”.

Against all odds, he had successfully excelled in holding an early congress as promised in his two key campaign messages during his tour round the country which he sworn to abide by.

On this issue, almost 95% of National Executive Committee (NEC) and the Regional executives supported the idea and attested to the fact that early congress would be beneficial. At the end of the day it has been a great success hailed by our country men and women and even the international community has described it as precedence to proper democracy.

A Successful congress that has sent shock waves down the spines of our political opponents. Now the party has more than two (2) years to campaign and hype the loopholes of our opponent which in my candid opinion there are countless number of them.

The second promise which is very essential to countless number of Ghanaians is to lead NPP to rescue Ghana from NDC bad and despiteful Government and bring NPP back to power to continue the good legacies President Kuffour left behind which is now in shambles under the administration of John Mills and John Mahama. The two leaders who inaptly became President and are far from fulfilling the developmental promises they made to the electorate.

The two inept JOHNS who are finding it difficult to accept a clear fact that their inexperienced style of leadership is gradually leading our dear nation Ghana to hell in exchange of the Better Ghana they promised us, as well as the good legacies they inherited from the NPP.

In spite of all these, leaders of NPP and their activist should bear in mind that, the poor and abysmal performance of the NDC does not guarantee a straight forward victory for NPP in 2012.

Party sympathizers should also note that, NDC is bad in Governance but very good at winning elections through any available means; therefore, we must all rally behind Jake –Chaired executive to set the tone for effective unity, cohesion and strategies that will engender the Victory 2012 Agenda.

Other section such as unity which is so essential to every organization has keenly been tackled by Jake- Chaired Executive. Each executive has been assigned a role in this respect. It would be recalled that early last month, Jake and his influential, astute hard working Vice Chairman Mr. Fred Oware not forgetting the sensational, incisive General Secretary Sir John trooped to the Garden City to resolve petty misunderstandings in some Constituencies in the Ashanti Region. The product of it was the recent successful election held in Bantama Constituency.

All these attest to the fact that, unity has not been left in limbo by the National Executives.

I am highly optimistic, that with the full support from the numerous supporters of NPP to Jake-Chaired Executive, agenda 2012 would be achievable. Let's all collaborate in rescuing Ghana for our unborn generation. By: Baah Acheamfour. Email: