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Tabloid News of Saturday, 17 September 2022

Source: SVTV Africa

I was physically abused whiles pregnant, I lost my son - US-based woman shares her ordeal

US-based Jamaican Rose Greene in an SVTV interview US-based Jamaican Rose Greene in an SVTV interview

US-based Jamaican Rose Greene has shared her unpleasant experience in her first relationship that caused her to lose her baby boy.

Rose revealed that she endured physical abuse three months into the relationship. She mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was insecure and often beat her whenever he felt jealous.

In a chat on Daily Hustle Worldwide, Rose noted that she lost her baby a few hours after birth. Later in the interview, Rose shared her 30-year experience living in the USA as an undocumented immigrant and how her ordeal paved a way for US immigration to grant her a stay.

According to Rose, she was infatuated with her first love and endured the abuse for months.

“I got pregnant very early in the relationship, and he beat me day in and day out. He was always jealous and thought I was doing something. When I was nine months pregnant, he came to my house, but I wasn’t home.

I met him in front of the house when I got there and mentioned his name. I saw the anger in his eyes when he looked back, so he grabbed my arm and slammed me to a brick wall. The back of my head began to bleed, and my placenta ripped,” she recounted.

Speaking on why she did not report him to the authorities, Rose mentioned that “he was my first love, and the other thing is I was undocumented. I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to protect him, but he wasn’t protecting me.”

Rose realized she could lose her life from all the abuse and broke up with him. However, the Jamaica-born indicated that she became “a monster. I didn’t trust men, and I was always the one to lash out first. It took a while to heal, but I’m happy now.”