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Tabloid News of Sunday, 28 August 2022

Source: SVTV Africa

I wanted to marry a Ghanaian, but he never took me to his house - Nigerian lady

Germany-based Nigerian Germany-based Nigerian

Nigerian YouTuber Sandie has stated that she dated a Ghanaian for two years while schooling in Ghana, but he never introduced her to his family or took her to his home.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, the Germany-based Nigerian mentioned that she did not only introduce him to her family, but he visited them while in Nigeria once.

“I thought we’d get married because everything was going well. My ex even wanted to pay my bride price, but it didn’t work out. I didn’t know where he stayed, and we had been dating for almost two years.

"Whenever I asked, he told me the place was not in good condition. He took me to some place around Kasoa once, but it didn’t seem like he was living there. He travelled to Nigeria for business and visited my sister, so he knew my family,” she said.

According to Sandie, she suspected that he was married, but her ex-boyfriend never disclosed the reason for his actions. Soon after Sandie moved to Germany, their relationship ended.

“I thought he was married. He told me that he was divorced, but he was never clear. When I came here, we were still dating, and he was still interested.

But my family were asking questions, and he was not ready to tell me, so we gradually lost communication and broke up eventually,” Sandie added.

Sandie has a YouTube channel where she talks about her 6-year experience in Ghana.