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Tabloid News of Thursday, 1 September 2022

Source: SVTV Africa

I see myself as a Ghanaian, not a Korean - Yaw Kokor reveals

Yaw Kokor is born to a Korean father and  Ghanaian mother Yaw Kokor is born to a Korean father and Ghanaian mother

Born to a Korean father and Ghanaian mother, Yaw Kokor has stated that he sees himself as a Ghanaian with no Korean trace because he never saw his late father and has no intention of finding his roots in Asia.

In an exclusive interview with DJ Nyaami, Yaw Kokor, popularly called ‘Se Korea Se China,’ stated that “Ghana is my motherland” and will always root for the country to grow because this is his home.

“I haven’t been to Korea yet. I was born here, and I never saw my father, so Ghana is my home. I’m going to promote Ghana. If Ghanaians won’t, I will, and I know someone will support me.

Africa is our motherland. So I can’t say I’ll go to Korea to search for his roots. I met my mom, not my dad, and by the constitution, anyone is a Ghanaian by birth,” he stated.

According to Yaw Kokor, some Ghanaians make hateful comments about him, but “I tell them that they don’t like good things. That is what I tell them often.”

Responding to what makes him a proud Ghanaian and why he has decided to leave the country for greener pastures like other citizens, Yaw revealed that Ghana has better resources to make the country better than it is.

“Those who travel abroad do not respect the country because we have cocoa, gold, bauxite, etc., so why can’t we develop the country with that?

Kantanka makes cars, but how many Ghanaians buy them? They would go in for accident cars shipped into the country instead. I’m very proud to be called a Ghanaian,” he added.

Yaw Kokor is the first of five children. He is a Fante from the Central Region but is currently based in Obuasi. Yaw is a comic actor. He mentioned that acting and singing have always been his dream.