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General News of Saturday, 8 March 2014


I'm tired of justifying NDC wrongs with NPP wrongs - Jake

Should the ruling National Democratic Congress be entitled to repeat the wrongs committed by the New Patriotic Party while in government? NPP Chairman Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey says certainly is a no, no. And he is "terribly tired" of the quick resort to raking the NPP's past whenever its members lunge accusations of wrongdoing at the NDC, saying that attempts at justification defeats the whole essence of multi-party democracy.

"The whole idea of a democracy, the whole idea of choosing governments through the ballot box is that we should have a better choice, we can have something that comes... that replaces what you are now saying was not a good idea. If it was not a good idea to spend all this money on the 50th anniversary of Ghana as a nation, what makes it suddenly a good idea to spend it on football? If it was not a good idea then, it is not a good idea now. And to turn round to say that somehow because others did it before; therefore you are justified in doing it? I can't buy that. I mean there has to be some progress. There has to be a situation where we learn from our mistakes..."

Jake was speaking to Richard Sky on Citi FM on Thursday, in defence of his party's claims that the Mahama administration has brought hardships on the Ghanaian, and that the nation was seeing unprecedented corruption.

And for those insisting that his decision to buy his duty bungalow was an act of corruption long after the Supreme Court has cleared him of any wrongdoing, it is an 'idiocy' that should stop.