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General News of Saturday, 19 June 2021


I haven't and won't take the coronavirus vaccine - Hassan Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga appeared on GhanaWeb TV's The Lowdown with host, Nii Akwei Akwei play videoHassan Ayariga appeared on GhanaWeb TV's The Lowdown with host, Nii Akwei Akwei

• The majority of the populace are yet to get vaccinated

• Founder of the APC, Hassan Ayariga, says he will not take the vaccine

• He instead wants the government to commit resources to strengthen the economy

Even as the country races against time to procure enough vaccines for the entire populace in the wake of the Coronavirus, the Founder of the All People's Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has said that he will not be taking the vaccine.

He explained that it is unnecessary for him to take the vaccine when his immune system is not in danger.

He added that the vaccine is not a cure and with the number of corruption allegations that the procurement of vaccines have been embroiled in lately, it makes it difficult for him to accept that it is in the best interest of the people.

Speaking with host, Nii Akwei Akwei on GhanaWeb's flagship program, The Lowdown, the two-time presidential candidate in Ghana's elections, he suggested that it would rather be better for the government to ensure that we have a resilient economy.

"I have not taken the vaccine till date. Let them take it; we'll stay alive. The vaccine is not the cure, don't you know that? It's only boosting the immune system according to them but if you have a perfect immune system, what do you need the vaccine for? Have you heard that there's issue of corruption with this vaccine thing, that billions of dollars has gone into somebody's pocket to buy vaccine of $3 and they're now paying $30?

"If government is worried about us, vaccines is not the one that is killing us: poverty is killing us, hunger, strike is killing us. Water; we can't get good water to drink, we can't get three-square meals - that is what is killing us, not the money they spend on vaccines. They should build a strong economy; a sustainable one that people can survive, we'll buy our own vaccine," he explained.

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