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Politics of Saturday, 26 February 2022


I have the qualities to unify the party and government - Asabee asserts

Stephen Asamoah Boateng Stephen Asamoah Boateng

Leading aspirant for the national chairmanship position of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Stephen Asamoah Boateng says in him dwells all the positive attributes that would ensure a united front between the party and government. 

These attributes, he noted, is like a magnet that can attract members in the party and government to sit together and talk for their common good.

Speaking to the media, Hon Boateng popularly known as Asabee noted that the party needs a cool head and communicator as Chairman.

"This is very crucial because to build a solid and strong structure for 2024 and beyond the NPP needs a personality in my shape who is able to look to both government officials and party members and speak truth to them", Asabeee minced no words.

Hon Boateng also noted that apart from being a firm character, he could also use the over 40 years experience as administrator, grassroots mobiliser, local government minister to build bridges between government and party grassroots. 

The former Local Government Minister said he would consciously engage with party members on their areas of interest and concern and pass on same information to government for deliberation and redress when elected Chairman.

He said no party member must be made to think that their views do no matter to the government they belong to.

"A constant engagement between government officials and party officers and members is what I would seek to pursue to solidify the front of the NPP", Asabee stated.

The NPP, the chairman hopeful posited has become a strong political force because it has always imbibed into its members the attribute of fairness. 

This, he noted, would be something he would religiously pursue where hardworking members and individuals are rewarded.

He said diligent officers would be offered incentives or opportunities to either upgrade or play vital roles in where they are placed in their scheme of work.

"These plans would be implemented by mine administration so that all party members would know the party rewards hardwork and plays fair with its members", Asabeee posited.