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I am not ashamed of sleeping with my brother’s wife - Man

Man confesses to sleeping with brother's wife Man confesses to sleeping with brother's wife

A 30-year-old man who has been sleeping with his brother’s wife has insisted that he doesn't find anything wrong with his actions and has never regretted doing so.

The man in an interview with Arnold Elavanyo disclosed that since he is bent on making his brother’s wife his, he sees past remorse or shame.

“Whenever I see my brother knowing that I sleep with his wife, it's hard but because you have your mind towards something, you don’t feel remorse.

“I have set my mind towards winning the woman, so, whatever happens, it's my back case. It doesn't sound right but, hey, where love goes... I am not ashamed of myself not for a minute or a second,” he said.

When the interviewer probed to know what his sister-in-law thought about him coming out to tell their story, he added that she pushed for him to take action and is in support.

“Whatever I'm feeling, she is even feeling the same. She even advised me that this is it. Let's move. She is in for my brother’s money and not the love,” he added.