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General News of Saturday, 19 June 2021


How I made my first 2 million dollars – Dr Kofi Amoah details

Ghanaian Business mogul, Dr Kofi Amoah play videoGhanaian Business mogul, Dr Kofi Amoah

• The renowned business mogul has disclosed the roadmap that got him his first million dollars

• He capitalised on a challenge he was faced with while in the US to solve a continental problem

• Dr Kofi Amoah made the said amount of money in 1995

“Y3 b3 piee nni y’ak) ab)nten, ak) kyin kyin de sika aba fie… firis3 abusua w) fie…” to wit we’re stepping out to hustle to bring some money to take care of the family at home.

The above are lyrics from a song that has since become an anthem to encourage the youth in their quest for success.

It appears veteran Ghanaian business mogul shares in the ideology as he has relayed how he first tasted the status of being a millionaire.

“… I was looking for success so I attended a lot of seminars… During one of such seminars, a speaker stated that in the quest for a job, find one that you can make money even while sleeping,” he told Delay during an interview.

When asked what kind of job that could be, he retorted that, that is what birthed his mission to bring Western Union to Africa.

Dr Kofi Amoah noted that his constant challenges and inability to send money to his mother who was in Ghana while he schooled and worked in the US motivated him to chase the business venture.

“…I didn’t have a lot of money but the few times I attempted to send her some, say, 200 dollars, it got missing in transit. So, I remembered that people in Houston were sending monies to others in New York through Western Union, so I decided to make enquiries…

“It took time… I had to travel back to Africa to sign on agents to hook in the system, advertise…” Dr Amoah explained.

“Success is a process… you must have the focus, patience and the confidence and the belief and do everything that is necessary without giving up,” the renowned business mogul added.

“I started with Ghana, then I went and negotiated for the whole continent. So, that’s how I started travelling through the continent; signing on Eritrea, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania…”

At 71 years, although he no longer works with the global money transfer company, Dr Amoah maintains that he made his biggest accruals and wealth with Western Union. He assisted in bringing the operations to all 54 countries on the African continent.

Western Union began its operations in Africa in 1995.

Watch from 14:15 for Dr Kofi Amoah’s account