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Africa News of Wednesday, 12 January 2022


How 50-year-old man impregnate 11-year-old girl for Nigeria Benue state

The impregnated girl along with her 'rapist' uncle The impregnated girl along with her 'rapist' uncle

11-year-old Ajuma (no be her real name) dream na to become lawyer - but while her mates dey resume school to begin build dia future, she dey get ready for di maternity ward.

Di primary five pupil of one school for di capital, Makurdi, cari bele afta her aunty husband wey be security man for Benue State University, allegedly rape come give her bele last year.

Im wife, Esther Ajeh (Adoyi) come allegedly send her go village for Orokam-Ogbadibo Local Goment area of Benue state and abandon her.

Since den tori be say she no get access to medical care even though she dey due to born dis January.

Di state police command bin arrest Joseph Adoyi but im deny di allegation but police say dem don charge am to court.

According to gender activists, rape and defilement mata don kontinu to increase for Benue state and di victims na from age 4-20.

Wetin really happun

Ajuma come from Orokamu, Ogbadibo local goment of Benue state.

She be di second pikin out of di eight pikin wey her parents born.

Her papa Anthony Ajeh na farmer and her mama dey sell Akpu for market.

Oga Anthony tell BBC pidgin on top phone interview say: "wen im biological sister, Esther Ajeh (Joseph Adoyi wife) approach am say make e give am im girl pikin since she no born girl and her two pikin na onli boys, e no fit deny her."

Im come give am im three year old pikin to go live wit dem and epp her.

E explain give say "di whole tin start for one fateful day wen Ajuma return from school, she lie down for palour-dat day, nobodi bin dey house.

"Im aunty husband bin close from work, go inside im room pull im cloth and come attack am for palour, tear her pant, close her mouth and allegedly rape her.

"Before Joseph Adoyi go allegedly rape Ajuma, e lock all di doors and so wen Ajuma dey shout, neighbours no hear to come rescue her.

"Afta e finish, e cut her warning give her say if she tell anybody im go kill her - sake of di warning, Ajuma no fit tell her aunty.

But Joseph no stop for dia, anoda day again, Joseph come allegedly rape her again.

'We bin tink say Ajuwa get malaria'

Anthony Ajeh, di 45-year- old papa of di victim further explain how dem find out say dia pikin cari bele.

"For end of term wen student dem bin gada for assembly ground to collect dia result, Ajuma come faint," Anthony tok.

One of her friends go report di mata to her aunty wey di teach for de same school.

'We bin tink say Ajuwa dey suffer malaria'

Family of di 11-year-old girl say dem bin think say she get malaria, so wen she reach house, di following morning, her aunty come tell her make she bring her urine for test.

Di test come confam say she dey pregnant - her aunty say make she tell her di person wey give her bele and afta dat, dem go go abort di pikin.

Sake of fear, she no fit tell her aunty.

Sake of dat frustration, she come pack Ajuma load, give her money and send her to her village to meet her parents wey dey stay wit di oda seven children dem get.

"I dey feel sad sake of say she no dey go school again-her dream na to become lawyer and try epp me and her oda sisters and brothers dem," oga Anthony explain.

"Anytime I think about her dem dabaru her dream, e dey pain me die."

"I Cry wen I hear wetin happun to my pikin."

Anthony say wen im return house and see im pikin for house wit pregnancy,

Im feel very sad and wen e ask di pikin wetin really and she narrate di whole mata give am, im bodi weak and shock say im brother-in-law fit do dat kain tin.

E come travel to Makurdi to report di mata to police for di area wey look for am come arrest am and dem come later discharge am.

E claim say her sister and di husband abandon her daughter for village wit no medical epp and ruin her bright future.

Wetin police tok

Police tok-tok pesin, Catherine Anene wey confam di report say dem bin get di report around August last year.

Although di suspect deny di allegation, im wife say e confess say im commit di crime.

She say di police don charge di man to court and e no longer dey dia custody.

Public outcry wey cause Nigerians to epp

Wen Ajuma mata come dey public and di way dem abandon am, mani pipo begin pity her.

One comerade Okwori Ben Onaji wey accompany Ajuma to Foundation Hospital for Makurdi, di Benue state capital to go run ultra-sound and oda test say she bin dey pale wen e meet her for village.

Dr Michael Ijiko wey run di ultrasound, tell BBC pidgin say e bin cari out investigation on like 10 days ago and her case dey delicate.

Oga Mike further explain give say since she be minor, she no go fit born di pikin by herself and dem go do am CS for 14th of January and e promise to deliver di pikin free afta e hear her tori.

Benue and di rising case of rape/defilement mata

According to one ogbonge rights activist, Nathaniel Awuapila say cases of rape, assault and defilement of minor don increase for di state.

For 2018, One Lecturer for Benue State polytechnic, Andrew Ogbuja and im pikin Victor rape 13-year-old Ochanya Ogbanje wey lead to her death and till date di family neva get justice.

For 2020 alone, police record 80 cases of rape and defilement mata and many of di cases still dey drag for court.

Oga Nathaniel say di state goment need to fund family court to ensure speedy trial of rape and oda gender-based violence mata.

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