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Opinions of Thursday, 7 December 2017

Columnist: NngmingBongle Bapuohyele

Homosexuality: A product of marriage to a non-virgin spouse?

Part I

My Dear Reader: Did you know that homosexuals and lesbians are products begotten mainly out of marriages involving a man or woman, either one or both of whom could not be proven to be virgins on the first night of their first marriage or sexual union??

If you did not know this, I’m afraid I got bad news for you! And even if you knew this, I still, sadly, got bad news for you. So, just read this article of mine to its end in order to learn something more about homosexuality!

On November 19, 2017, I published on this same column of mine on Modern Ghana the article titled Why Christian Clergymen Sin in Officiating Marriages for Non-Virgins (the internet link of which is:

I would suggest that all reading this article should first read that article, if they have not already done so, before continuing with this one. But, of course, reading that article after reading this one too could have the same effect.

At the time I published that article, I had no inkling in my mind that I would be returning almost immediately to the revelations I made in it in order to establish proof for all mankind that legalization of marriages involving non-virgin women [or non-virgin men] by States and Churches, contrary to the Towrah of Yahuwah Elohiym, is what has led to and will continue to lead to the birth of people of homosexual inclinations in our world who would eventually be crying for state recognition!!

However, when, one week after the publication of my article referenced above, and precisely on November 26, 2017, the internet was awash with a recording of an interview President Akufo-Addo of Ghana granted to the Al Jazeera cable news network, of which interview many other media networks relayed a particular snippet wherein President Akufo-Addo was heard saying that legalizing homosexuality in Ghana “is something that is bound to happen”, I have felt duty bound in my service to Yahuwah Elohiym to immediately re-echo some of the issues I raised in that article and to relate them to the on-going homosexuality debate in Ghana, in order to establish for all mankind that the evolution of homosexuality has come directly from the effect of marriages to a non-virgin woman and or in some cases to a non-virgin man!

Also, because I had earlier on November 26, 2017 made a firm commitment in the Comments section to my aforesaid article that I would respond to some comments made by one Heart of the USA after she had read my article, I’d like to take the opportunity to do so now by this article and to tie my responses to her to the statement made by President Akufo-Addo on Al Jazeera that homosexuality was bound to be legalized in Ghana [someday].

For the sake of readers, let me state here, unedited, the concerns raised by Heart in her two posts in the Comments section to my previous article as follows:

What about the fact that men are often aggressive towards women/pressure/manipulate them into having sex? It seems like there's not a point brought up about men being righteous or being held accountable. Do/did the non-virgins have sex with themselves? And if they don't marry they are to be subjected to fornication? I understand returning to traditional standards but mention that the woman and man should be virgins or that a non-virgin man should marry a non-virgin woman. (Posted on 11/26/2017 5:45:00 AM).

Why did he not mention men being virgins??? It seems to be a ruthless rage only against women but men who sleep/slept around are pardoned? (Posted on 11/26/2017 5:40:00 AM).

Now, looking at the comments of Heart if put together, one can surmise that the beef that Heart has with my article, and perhaps my person too, has to do with the peripheral issues particular to today in the lands of Goyim (Gentiles??), rather than in the days when Yisroel dwelt within his inheritance where the focus of my article was on, that often lead to the breaking of a woman’s virginity long before she even gets to be married which, to Heart, seemed not to have been brought into focus in my article!

She also seems to think of my article as being an absolution from guilt and culpability of today’s men who get themselves involved in the many unholy acts that lead to the breaking of any woman’s virginity, and that I myself too could even be accused of male bias from my write up!!

But then, if she had read my entire article critically with an open mind and not wrongly and unfairly think of me as being some male chauvinist, and had searchingly gone ahead to read on her own all the verses of scripture I stated in the article without quoting them, she would have seen clearly why Yahuwah Elohiym forbids women of broken virginity outside marriage from ever marrying—which is all because the children that come out of the wombs of women with broken virginity before marriage are unacceptable and thus unusable by and to Yahuwah Elohiym and are therefore not the kind of people He intended to populate His Earth—and thus would not have misled herself into having issues with me and or the article!

My reference to Devarim (Deuteronomy??) 22:13-30 in my previous article was made so that readers of the article would read all these particular verses of the Towrah in order for people like Heart to be informed about what punishment Yahuwah Elohiym has commanded to be meted out to any male who unlawfully breaks a woman’s virginity whether in the city or in the field.

In particular, Devarim 22:23-24 states thus: (23) If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her; (24) Then ye shall bring them out of the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man because he hath humbled his neighbor’s wife: so thou shalt put evil from among you.

On the basis of this Towrah, it is obvious that no consenting virgin male and virgin woman (or even where both have already lost their virginity) in today’s society is permitted to just walk into a brothel to have a bout of sexual intercourse, as many do, and yet stay alive thereafter without being stoned to death, together with the proprietor of such an inglorious brothel facility and its staff!!

Well, as is easily seen today, none of the players involved in this kind of sinful act described in the preceding paragraph can be held liable because the laws of almost all, if not all, countries on Earth permit or allow such lewd sexual behavior to be lived without punishment.

What this means is that sexual sin is today legitimized on Earth and that its end result is the coming into being of more and weird varieties of sexual sins, all of which stir the wrath of Yahuwah Elohiym upon all the citizens of any country that promotes anti-Towrah laws for its people!!

And the sad thing is that the wrath of Yahuwah Elohiym against those who commit sexual sin never gets to be appeased because the laws of States shield those who commit them, thus enabling whoredom to eventually get established on Earth!!

Again in Devarim 22:25-27 we read the following: (25) But if a man find a betrothed damsel in the field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die: (26) But unto the damsel thou shalt do nothing; there is in the damsel no sin worthy of death: . . . (27) For he found her in the field, and the betrothed damsel cried, and there was none to save her.

These verses must bring some kind of comfort to Heart who from her posts under scrutiny seemed to be peeved that male breakers of women’s virginity today, such as rapists, pedophiles and gigolos, never seem to get punished as is due them!

It is however sad to note that Heart conveniently chooses to ignore my mention of how some women lose their virginity to pets like dogs and manmade dildos [penises], things that obviously cannot be punished, in asking a question in her post thus: Do/did the non-virgins have sex with themselves? But, of course, some women with broken virginity did indeed “have sex with themselves” to render themselves so and yet seem unashamed!!

Well, there is yet another couple of verses of scripture of plain meaning that could make Heart happier! These verses are Devarim 22:28-29 which read thus: (28) If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found; (29) Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father (as dowry or bride price of punitive intent?) fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife; because he has humbled her, he may (must?) not (never?) put her away (divorce her?) all his days—words in parenthesis are mine.

From all these verses quoted here, it is obvious from the Towrah that any man who got [or gets] married among the children of Yisroel, for the first time, had to be one who had never had sex with anyone other than the one he now got married to and that any woman who married for the first time also had to be a virgin or else she would risk her life if, on the first night of her marriage, she was found to have lost her virginity some time earlier!

Part II
As can thus obviously be seen, all marriages among the children of Yisroel are holy since they were and still ought to be sanctified by the Towrah in order for their marriages to be deemed consecrated by and acceptable to Yahuwah who always has a huge interest in them as He Himself is the first beneficiary, being the owner of the first born son or daughter that opens up the womb of a virgin woman who is a legitimate wife of any man of Yisroel!

It must be obvious that since Yisroel lived under the Towrah of Yahuwah Elohiym who permitted and still permits polygamy—that is, that men may be married to more than one wife at the same time while women are not permitted to have more than one husband at a time—no man at the time of his marriage to a second woman who must be a virgin woman (or one who in a previous first time marriage to a son of Yisroel was a virgin) could himself still be a virgin, and yet, whatever children were begotten to him in the second and any subsequent marriages were deemed holy and acceptable by Yahuwah in His service in so far as their mothers were virgins or were once married as virgins in an earlier marriage!!

Similarly, if any virgin woman, who at her first marriage to any son of Yisroel later on got widowed or even divorced under some permitted reasons of the Towrah, remarried, she could not bear proof of her virginity in a second marriage for obvious reasons and yet the children she bore in the second marriage to any son of Yisroel were also deemed holy; except that none of them could be acceptable or useful in the service of Yahuwah Elohiym if the first one among them in this second marriage was not the first child ever to break out of her matrix. If however, such a woman did not bear a child in her first marriage when she was a virgin, then her first child in the second marriage would be acceptable or useful in the service of Yahuwah Elohiym.

This is the reason why the children of Yisroel were and are still forbidden from marrying any of the children of the Goyim, who, because they are deemed forever unholy, cannot aid in producing a holy seed to be acceptable for the needs or uses of Yahuwah Elohiym!

In the light of all the aforesaid, it is not acceptable under Towrah instructions that a man who may be deemed to have lost his virginity to a virgin woman in a first and legal marriage would be permitted to marry a defiled woman of broken virginity in any eventuality that such a man found or finds himself without a spouse; as if to think it is permissible to pair a non-virgin man to a woman of broken virginity in a marital union in the manner that Heart suggested in her comments on my previous article “that a non-virgin man should marry a non-virgin woman”!!

Yes, from a concern raised by Heart, it is possible that the woman who was found on the first night of marriage to have had her virginity broken may have suffered her humiliation and subsequent death whilst the man who broke her virginity may not have been found and thus may seem to have gotten away with his sin in not also being stoned to death with her!! But this is highly unlikely since only a foolish woman would, at the point of being stoned to death, still want to hide the identity of the man who broke her virginity so he too would be punished with death with her.

But then, since it is Yahuwah Elohiym who punishes sin and that any group of people who stone anyone of lewd sexual conduct to death only do so on behalf of Yahuwah, one can be sure that any man who is culpable for breaking a woman’s virginity against His Towrah can’t forever get away unpunished for his sin!

Even if such a man seemed to have gotten away with his sin, in not being stoned to death with the woman whose virginity he broke, he will have no peace since the blood of the non-virgin woman who was stoned to death is required of him, which MUST surely be required if him, and this blood would remain upon his head till his own blood is spilled someday to meet the demands of justice!

In fact, since such a man would definitely have been stoned to death if he’d been known, he is in effect only a dead man walking around Earth no matter for how long and any little accident can trigger his demise, anytime and anywhere without warning!

The world today must understand why Yahuwah Elohiym demands purity in marriage by all these strict laws defining sexual behavior among His people—which is because He does not want the Earth to fall to whoredom; since the first and primary route to the coming of whoredom upon the Earth is through children who are begotten of a first time marriage that was between a non-virgin man and even a virgin, or between a virgin man and a non-virgin woman, or to spouses both of whom were not virgins!!

It must be noted that sexual sin, like every other sin, does not exist in isolation but in colonies or as in a web or net; so designed as to easily catch many people! So then, within the net of sexual sins are those people who engage in pedophilia, prostitution, homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, rape, seduction, masturbation, adultery, fornication, etc., who are principally begotten through marriages to non-virgin women and or non-virgin men [technically and spiritually speaking].

Just think with me: Would any of such people and their vices have come upon the Earth if the Towrah of Yahuwah Elohiym was adhered to, where only virgin men and virgin women married, together with all other laws on adultery and fornication??

So then, almost everyone who is born of a non-virgin mother and or father will one day fall into some part of this large and powerful web of sexual sins, or such a person could even fall into multiple parts of this web and thus be bedeviled with a multiplicity of sexual sins! Such persons may choose to live in one or multiple parts of this web of sexual sin almost forever or may even rotate from some parts to another as in a merry-go-round fashion, willfully or under compulsion to evil spiritual forces!

For example, if one grows up being incestuous at adolescence he may at his youth become a rapist, fornicator, or gigolo, growing to become an adulterer in his old age!! I hope readers don’t suppose this progression and variation in sexual sins that are committed by people as being unlikely; but indeed very possible!

So then, if one person who is born of a non-virgin mother, or of a non-virgin father, or to both parents who were not virgins at their marriage or at a previous first time marriage, can carry such a large bag of sexual sins from even one of his parents, for example, in the case of the non-virgin being his mother who may have had ONLY one case of rape make her lose her virginity, can you imagine what combinations or multiples of sexual sins will be carried in such a man’s seed that are later produced out of even a virgin wife, not to talk about one born to him by a wife who was also not a virgin when he married her?? This may be the reason why the state of sexual perversion in the world goes on unabated and in such awful horror!!

When, in times past, I heard homosexuals and lesbians defend themselves that what they do is not just driven by sexual appetite, desire or preference, but is in fact due to their peculiar sexual orientation, and that society must just let them be and allow them to do as their orientation dictates to them, they never seemed credible to me.

Now, however, I see their predicament—an unholy orientation in their birth characteristics that are acquired from their non-virgin mothers or fathers or both, who the Towrah of Yahuwah Elohiym forbids from ever marrying, or who must die by being stoned to death if they were found before or after any attempt to get married!!

So then, since homosexual and lesbian tendencies are acquired at birth, they are bound to blossom and breed in appropriate environments and therefore don’t need legislation in order to come into being and thrive, or even to be suppressed and or controlled.

Homosexual and lesbian lifestyles simply come into being and fruition as a matter of cause; and it is the legalization by States of marriage involving one or both spouses who are not virgins at the time of marriage that has brought this upon nations!

And so, if the words of President Akufo-Addo of Ghana on the Jane Dutton “Talk to Al Jazeera” program on Al Jazeera, that legalizing homosexuality in Ghana “is something that is bound to happen” , stand plainly as they do and not as a parable, then some of us cannot but agree with him!

Just as any other sexual sins, such as prostitution, flourish of themselves, without laws legalizing it, so shall homosexuality also flourish with or without laws being established to legalize it—a case in point being what we read of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah of Bereshiyt (Genesis??) 19 of the English Bible where homosexuality flourished without legalization!!

But, of course, mankind has only speeded up the process of the Earth falling to whoredom wherever prostitution or homosexuality is given state support and sponsorship through legalization; and this legalization of homosexuality may soon happen in Ghana too, and much to the chagrin of all Towrah-believing and all well-meaning Ghanaians!!

Part III
Homosexuality, for me, is one of several “Acquired At Birth Sexuality Syndrome” (AABSS) sexual behaviors, any one of which is dispensed principally through a couple who marry for the first time when both or either of them were not virgins!!

I would hope that anyone who is born by a non-virgin parent and luckily turns out to be straight by his sexual orientation and thus has no inclinations to homosexuality should not see himself on a moral high ground in order to spit fire on homosexuals, showing himself a holier than thou person while he, because of his sexual orientation, engages freely in all the many other despicable sexual sins committed on Earth.

I can say in all certainty that anyone who is born of a woman to a husband when she or her husband [or both] was not a virgin when they first married, will come out with a sexual trait that is either straight in very few numbers or gay/lesbian or any of the other queer sexual behaviors of pedophiles, rapists and or of those whose sexual orientation is to sexually molest such animals as dogs in very huge proportions! All such people may be unable to help themselves to do otherwise!!

Today, many view marriage as an end to unrestrained and unlimited sexual pleasure! And so, many rush into marriage driven solely by the desire for sexual pleasure, anywhere, anytime, and in any manner without any serious thought or minded by other considerations.

In June 2008, I heard a Christian clergyman say on a so-called Counselling Session on a late night talk show on television that once a married Christian couple got a marriage certificate in their hands they could look at the sky as being their limit to enjoying sexual intercourse.

He then went on to explain himself by saying that a married Christian couple could go have sexual fun at any time in either the bathroom at home, or kitchen, and or living room, and in any exploring and adventurous postures of their choice, in so far as they had privacy to themselves!

He counselled further that sexual activity must not be restricted to just the bedroom and only at night! Wow!! Well, even though his counsel made me very sorrowful, I was somehow appeased since his counsel was delivered on a late night show!

Funnily, this counsel of the clergyman seemed to have already been the norm and practice, even beyond those he sought to counsel as his flock. For, the next day after hearing his counsel, I heard a song with Akan lyrics which carried the same sentiments he expressed on television!

Here are a part of the lyrics of the song as far as I can go in the Akan tongue: Maarage setifikati no nie. Yen nye no ntem na yenko fie. . . . Osofo be bom a yen mmue. Mallam be bom a yem mmue …” to wit is, “The marriage certificate is here. Let us hurry up and go home. . . . When the Pastor knocks on the door we will not open it onto him. When the Mallam knocks on the door we will not open it to him. . .” I suppose many of my Ghanaian readers are familiar with these Akan lyrics and the song.

And so whether it is among the so-called holy people of churches in our world or the many other people of the Earth, the essence of marriage is sexual pleasure and not for procreation according to the ways and instructions of the Creator.

So then, when in days past sexual activity between legally married people was regulated strictly by a woman’s menstrual cycle and an inviting cold weather season, it is today done so many times in any day, rain or shine!!

When in days past, the coming together of a man and his wife in sexual union was news that had to be recorded by holy men for posterity, as for example, thus: “and Elkanah knew Hannah his wife”—Shmu’El Ekhad (First Samuel??) 1:19—in a lead up to a conception of a child, this is today unheard of and seemingly unnecessary!

Today sexual intercourse among married people is simply for fun and all human activity and behavior are now geared towards males and females of almost all ages having uninhibited sexual intercourse whether they be in their early teens or are centenarians who must be empowered with a dose of Viagra to engage in it!!

When the ecstasy from normal and natural sexual behavior begins to wane for seekers of sexual pleasure, then they are ready to explore wilder, rougher, and strange ways towards meeting the demands of their unnatural libido!

This leads to acts of thrusting of the phallic organ into all manner of orifices of the human body that were not even made by the Creator for sexual activity! These acts are commonly described as oral and anal sexual intercourse and are supposed to meet the strange desires of people of unnatural libido!!

Again, all manner of manmade objects find their ways into human vaginal ways in order to meet the desires of some people because their sexual satisfaction through natural means now seems impossible or markedly impaired!!

This has led to homosexual and lesbian lifestyle skyrocketing in our world today to now become a real menace to societal purity, individual holiness, and the sanctity and survival of family units.

Since sin begets sin, sexual sin naturally begets more sexual sin!! This is why the effect of one sexual sin of rape of one woman can lead to the multiplicity of sexual sins in our world today if such a woman and her rapist ever get to marry contrary to the Towrah instructions of Yahuwah Elohiym.

And as has been said somewhere in this article that almost all roads of human activity lead toward unrestrained and uninhibited sexual relations among all ages of people, sexual activity has become a magnet to all other sins!

People now steal, kill, lie, engage in witchcraft and commit all the sins in the world simply because they want to have an access and a means to sexual intercourse with certain kinds of persons in a particular holiday location and in a particular fashion under the influence and power of all kinds of aphrodisiacs!!

So then, as the committing of sexual sins increases, sins of all other kinds increase even the more and without measure, exponentially I’d say, with no end in view! This is all because all roads on Earth now lead to a willful arousal of sexual appetite and satanic libido!! Anyone who has seen the video of the One Corner song by one Ghanaian youth, Patapaa, will see what I mean.

And so the Earth is filled with sexual activities that annoy the Creator and have caused the Earth to fall to whoredom!!

And as sexual activity is the only way the Creator permitted for procreation, now that this way is defiled and has become abominable to Him, all births coming through this now abominable route are unwanted by Yahuwah Elohiym to be on His Earth!! This is just too serious; and scary when thought about!

Almost all humans are illegalities walking a beautifully created Earth and can our lives and actions do our Creator and ourselves any good??

By our very existence, when we should never have been born in the manner we were begotten and by the people who begot us, we are deemed unwanted by the Creator on His Earth!! This seems to be the bane of almost all mankind today! One is either the cause of this our predicament or a product of its effect! And so, all have sinned willfully or unknowingly and must in serious and genuine repentance look to the Creator for pardon, absolution from guilt and reconciliation to Him!

Maybe there is a way that Yahuwah Elohiym can remake us so He may have some to Himself for fellowship since we have survived annihilation for so long! Can we be reborn, again, to have these ills of our non-virgin births healed and removed from us so we could live in fellowship with Him since His plan in the beginning was to have an everlasting fellowship with man?

There is a revelation in the Tanakh of Yahuwah to the children of Yisroel indicating that He might do this today in order to give mankind an opportunity to access a new kind of life in a new birth!! This revelation is in the book of Yechezk’El (Ezekiel??) 36:25-27 which seems to have been made real in the life of Nevuchadnetzar (Nabuchadenezzar??) according to the book of Dani’El 4:1-37.

My dear reader, please read and contrast these verses of Yechezk’El and Dani’El; they might yet give you hope! And if they do give you hope, you may as well seek that they be fulfilled in your life even as wicked King Nevuchadnetzar was blessed by these verses of Yechezk’El without asking Yahuwah Elohiym to be so blessed!!

In conclusion, let us look at ways the world must adopt toward ridding itself of the whoredom that has engulfed it which has led to all the sins that have come about through illegal marriages involving people who were not virgins when they first married, and has thus led to all these sins of homosexuality, lesbianism, rape, etc. in our world today!

First and foremost, let no marriage be contracted between any man and woman, one or both of whom are unable to affirm to being virgins at the time of contracting the marriage. However, where one or both had become widows or widowers of a previous marriage in which they were virgins on the first night of the marriage and have remained pure and chaste thereafter, they qualify to be married even though they had lost their virginities in the previous marriage.

For people who broke their virginity outside of a legal marriage, they should not seek to marry or be married unless the ones have a sign of proof or confirmation that he or she had been rid or cleansed of the effects of defilement, in and by a new birth, by Yahuwah Elohiym!

For those who are already in a marriage which was illegally contracted because it was against the Towrah of Yahuwah Elohiym on a man’s or woman’s status as a non-virgin, such people must come out of that marriage or if they choose to remain in it ONLY for the sake of taking care of any children begotten in the marriage, then they MUST never copulate while living together!

This is the only show of genuine repentance that the one who finds oneself guilty of breaking the Towrah of Yahuwah Elohiym can live by to demonstrate that the one now abhors oneself for getting into an illegal marriage and for bringing forth children who were not to have been begotten!

Finally, my dear reader, permit me to commend you to the grace and mercy of Yahuwah Elohiym! Since it is ONLY Yahuwah Elohiym who makes a choice among all the people who ever come to be or live on His Earth the ones among them who He may wish to have fellowship with, I pray you find His grace to be called as one of such in order to have fellowship with Him, now, tomorrow and eternally! Shalawam aleikhem!!

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