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General News of Friday, 20 August 2021


‘Holy kiss’ priest apologizes, describes kiss as adding 'a human touch’

The priest at the center of the kissing saga has apologized The priest at the center of the kissing saga has apologized

• The ‘Holy Kiss’ priest has finally broken his silence

• His statement of apology showed that he said he was wrong

• Rev. Fr. Obeng Larbi described the kiss as adding a ‘human touch’ to the recognition given to the girls

Rev. Fr. Baltharzzar Obeng Larbi, the Anglican priest at the center of the kissing saga that happened at the St. Monica’s College of Education, has broken his silence on the matter.

According to a story, the priest, who is the chaplain and lawyer of the school, has admitted that his conduct was wrong and has since asked for forgiveness from his church, the Anglican Church.

So far, investigations have begun into the case of the priest kissing some female students of his school as captured in a video that was widely shared online.

It was established that this happened about a week ago when Rev. Fr. Larbi was leading a ceremony to award deserving students of the school.

In the video that went viral, the priest is seen in his priestly garment, standing behind a pulpit, as he waited in turn to lip-kiss some three ladies who were also on the platform with him.

In his first public comment since the news broke, Rev. Fr. Baltharzzar Obeng Larbi, in a statement published by said that he knows he should have acted differently “even in the absence of COVID-19”.

He continued that “I seemed to have taken a number of things for granted. I did not think my behaviour through.

“I pray for forgiveness from all and sundry and plead that you hold me in your prayers during these trying times. May God bless us all.”

Rev. Fr. Larbi also explained how the “unfortunate incident” happened:

“This unfortunate incident happened during a Church Service in appreciation of the Level 300 students, who would be going for their Macro Teaching (Off-Campus Teaching Practice) when College resumed the next academic year, by the College’s Chaplaincy Board. The three students seen in the video performed extraordinarily well and were therefore called to be appreciated by the Chaplain. An attempt to add a human touch resulted in the scene in the video.”

The Anglican Church has since relieved him of his clerical duties amidst many calls for him to be dealt with accordingly with the laws of the country.

One of such calls has come from Prophet Kofi Oduro, the Founder of Alabaster International Ministries.

The outspoken prophet has called on all Christians to condemn the actions of the Anglican priest, urging that the man be arrested and prosecuted.

“How can a whole priest stand in front of a pulpit and kiss a young girl? God will judge you, I repeat that God will judge you. That is why most of them suffer strong with others losing their sight... this is all because they don’t put respect on the name of God.

"I just have three things to say to the nation. One, stop the foolishness, secondly fear God… some of these preachers don’t have common sense. The third thing I’m telling this nation is that there is a difference between Religion and Christianity. Christianity will not do what this priest did, this is religion. When we have a form of godliness and deny the power, this is what happens," said the prophet.

Read his statement below: