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General News of Tuesday, 22 June 2021


Heightening anger of #Fixthecountry protesters dangerous to Ghana – Security expert warns

Security expert, Richard Kumadoe Security expert, Richard Kumadoe

A Security Expert, Richard Kumadoe, has warned that frustrating the #Fixthecountry protesters could destabilise the security of the country.

Thousands of Ghanaian youth who initiated the hashtag on social media weeks ago have been prevented from hitting the streets to protest the high cost of living, unstable power, corruption, bad roads amongst others.

The police which sought an injunction to restrain them are in court trying to stop the match despite the hardship most Ghanaians have to grapple with.

In an interview on Battle Ground hosted by Oheneba Boamah Bennie, the security analyst urged the police to allow the youth to demonstrate.

“This is how the Arab spring started,” he said while explaining that the anger that is building up among them can bring chaos.

“In America, people demonstrate. You remember the George Floyd issue. People were allowed to protest freely.

“In the National Security Ministry, there is a basket that they gather issues and put in. Frustration, corruption, bribery, bad governance are all part of it,” he said.

While he revealed the managers of the country’s security are aware of the dangers of preventing the youth from demonstrating, he cautioned the government not to undermine the strength of the youngsters when they get out of control.

“I’m sure that the managers of the country’s security are worried about what is happening,” Kumadoe added.

In his advice to the government and the security managers, he said “Let’s sit back and ask ourselves are we doing well? Where we think we are not doing well, let’s sit up.”