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General News of Sunday, 28 July 2019


'He just wants to trend' - Social media users react to Badu Kobi's tribal comments

The head pastor of Glorious Wave International Church, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, has come under fire from social media users after his bizarre comments about the temperaments of Ghanaian women in marriage.

The Pastor in what appears to be a sermon makes claims about the personalities and attitudes of women from three Ghanaian tribes which he claimed to have gathered after years of research.

He shockingly, claimed that women from the Ashanti tribe are selfish and troublesome, Fanti women are foolish and Ewe women are too docile in marriage.

"When you marry an Ashanti lady eh, you have imported problems... I am telling you the truth.

"I have done research over the years, Ashanti woman! Though, Fanti ladies sometimes are foolish but Ashanti no.

"Ayigbe (Ewe) women are too much of doormats but Ashanti's their eyes red. Looking for property, looking for things to carry back. Their mother is at the corner influencing everything".

Social media users have not taken kindly to what they describe as "tribalistic comments".

An Instagram user with the name montclair_kollections went the biblical route posting: "We will know them by their words" while marianyass prayed for his forgiveness: "Ooooh May God forgive this pastor".

Others believed there was an element of truth to his comments although they questioned its relevance to his sermon.

"Though, I am not in support of where he preached it at. He said the truth," an Instagram user with the name thodeedreydrey posted.

Another user with the name yaw_guy10, said the Pastor made the comments just to trend on social media.

He posted: The same foolish Fante women and eye red ashante women in his church pay tithes, sow seeds and give u offerings...... Does he rejects their monies?? I'm sure he just wants to trend keke".

Read some of the comments below;