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Opinions of Friday, 15 March 2019

Columnist: Belinda Tieku

Happy holidays out of work

Many employees get time off work either for a day, week or on a month’s vacation.

During this time, the employees get to rest and hopefully return to work refreshed.

Some employees struggle and get stressed most of the time.

Therefore holidays help them to release tension, refocus, as well as engage in their own personal interests.

Employees with unique roles in a company, have difficulty getting their back covered while away.

Some often leave “Out of Office” messages on their phones and emails which customers do not enjoy.

Well, we the employees who leave such messages do not enjoy it either!

Three teachers, who work at God's Grace International School, a private Basic School located in Abeka Lapaz, Accra, told me they were all excited to get their holidays.

Dennis Owusu, a JHS Science teacher said: ‘I shall take this opportunity to spend time with my girl friend’.

Josephine Bentil , a class one teacher told me that she plans to visit her people in her village. In spite of the long journey she always enjoys her trips to the village very much.

The third teacher was also happy about the fact that she will be resting at home.

In some institutions in Ghana where there are no holidays or vacations given, an employee's request for permission to go on leave becomes a matter of risking being replaced.

As you know, the unemployment situation in Ghana is bad and officials who are paid with our taxes care less about enforcing labour laws.

Will you submit your leave form and risk your job if you were in their shoes?


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