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Sports Features of Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Source: Kojo Yankah

Government and the GFA politics

I am beginning to agree with most Ghanaians that the President, His Excellency Nana Akufo- Addo, was totally deceived or to put it in another way was misled into believing that the reason why Ghana did not win the AFCON in the past 37 years was largely due to monetary factors.

Mr. President you got it all wrong. Sadly, this came from people who should have known better.

The people who led you into this unfortunate situation have no understanding and appreciation of football. In fact, Hon. Asiamah if not immediately sacked would ruin the fortunes of your Government in the 2020 Elections and this is no joke, ask the NDC.

Mr. President the utterances and actions of Nii Lantey and his Deputy at the Ministry of Youth and Sports before the 2016 elections affected the NDC gravely. Please don’t joke with this ‘Football People’. They sit in silence but operate very well.

One thing must be clear, the Government is not the sponsor of the GFA. The fact that the Government sponsors the National Teams does not mean it is the sponsor of the GFA. The activities of the GFA goes beyond the National Teams and in particular the Black Stars. Why is it that Government/Politicians and its operatives would not understand this, but would want to portray a picture that it sponsors the GFA?

In fact, it should be made clear that the GFA does not even control funds allocated for the National Teams. We all saw what happened in Egypt and how a Minister directed a purse holder to give money out.

Let no Ghanaian be deceived that the GFA is operated with Government money. The GFA staff and its assigns are not paid by Government. The GFA office is not owned by Government or operated with Government funds. So how can politicians deceive Ghanaians that Government pumps in a lot of money to the GFA.

This erroneous impression has gone on for a long time and that is making this present Government fail in all its endeavors at the National Team level right from the junior teams to the Senior Teams.

In other jurisdiction, Government gives subvention to the Football Association, but does turn around to want to control the Football Association. Politicians should stay off football.

If you believe the National Teams are yours, please take your properties and allow the GFA to function. People have invested a lot in football and you politicians who have failed to create the enabling environment for football to triumph are destroying the game. Please the GFA is not about National Teams or Black Stars.

The hatched plan by the Government, which is spearheaded by the Minister of Youth and Sports and Mr. Kofi Amoah, whose title of a Dr. is in doubt would not wash. In the coming days Government and Ghanaians will smell the power of football. Elections is just around the corner and I will urge all football persons including the numerous players to do onto the NPP what it did to the NDC in 2016. If you make an attempt to forcefully bring someone of your choice it would be forcefully rejected.

Mr. President, sack that talkative and wasteful Sports Minister before it’s late. That man will even loose his bid to maintain his seat.

After the Anas Exposé one would have thought that the Government would take its time in taking decisions, but what did we see. A group of greedy and self- seeking Ghanaians wanted the rest of the Executive Committee members out of the system.

What was their crime? You think those people don’t serve a living God. You haven’t seen anything yet. Politicians don’t be deceived! Why did the Government not take the kind of action it took against the GFA when the Galamsey issue was raised by the same all-knowing Anas Aremeyaw Anas? (at least an official at the Jubilee House was caught on tape). All Government said was that it wanted the raw tape. Did you make the same demands on Number 12?
As politicians you should encourage the GFA to strengthen their operations rather than thinking of controlling it, because you will fail. There have always being problems at the Ghana Bar Association, Ghana Journalist Association and a few others, why are politicians not interested in taking charge.

I wish to caution Politicians especially the present Government to allow the people who invest in football to ply their trade devoid of these attempts to control, which will not wash. So, you expected the players to go to Egypt and perform well? Who brought up these players?

Do you know the kind of conversation they have with the players? Stop deceiving yourselves Mr. Politicians. At all times Politicians are always top in corruption, why haven’t they dissolved the Jubilee House and Parliament House. What did we not see about the same Anas documentary on judicial corruption, which could have brought this country to its knees. Why did the Government not take control?

Of course, Government is a major stakeholder in the development of football just like it does to various aspects of the Economy, but does that mean it should interfere unnecessarily by putting its bootlickers and party apparatchiks in positions. For those belly full NPP guys, just wait for the NDC to come to power and the same things would be done. The NPP is teaching the NDC on how to bring a Normalisation Committee. This is where you would know that your investment has been crumbled. Anyway, the sad reality is that the people leading this crusade like Oloboi Commdore, Jones Alhassan Abu and Kudjoe Fianoo do not put a pesewa in football. The very people who were enjoying from Kwesi Nyantakyi are the same persons crucifying him. They have been cursed if they don’t know.

As for Mr. Kofi Amoah he is truly a conman and a trickster. In the coming days an explosion on court cases against him, which he lost badly and is confused would be released. I would prove why he is not a man of integrity. And Naa Odofoley, would also be exposed big time. Mr. Osei Kuffuor please maintain your integrity and act fast like Madam Lucy Quist. Disgrace is looming.
Mr. Kofi Amoah does not want to leave because of the $ 6,500.00 he receives as salary, which he claims is nothing to him. Why doesn’t he donate it to the orphanage or use it in paying the prize monies to the Clubs and Committees used for the Special Normalisation Competition. I wonder whether Naa Odofoley is paid $4,500 at his place of work. The reason they don’t want to leave is the money. They receive salaries more than the President and Minsters in this country. They are an embodiment of modern-day corruption. They create, loot and share. This people are thieves. They have nothing to offer than to deplete the meagre resources of the GFA.

By the end of September, they would have taken close to $300,000 in salaries alone (1 year of staying in office). This includes the $1,000 Dan Kweku Yeboah receives monthly. Mr. Amoah stop lying to the Government that the problems in football are huge and that there is so much corruption. Massa, you can’t correct the ills in football. You have nothing to offer. You are pushing the Government to a big pit. You have no shame. Your Committee which was formed by the most useless FIFA President and General Secretary is the most useless Committee to ever exist. I wish UEFA was running world football. Are Ghanaians aware that Dan Kweku Yeboah took huge funds approved by Mr. Amoah to create a new website for the GFA.

If the football people do not rise up, Mr. Amoah and that lady would finish the GFA cash. Mr. Amoah is wasting your cash. He has brought in a former employee of his, by name James Addai as a Financial Consultant and is paying him $3,000 a month. He has contracted some journalist in Ghana as Media Experts or Consultants and paying them big.

During the AFCON he carried some persons for the tourney and gave each person, $3,750.00 including his Lawyer friend who does not work for the GFA. In fact, most of them arrived in Ismailia a night before the Tunisia game or a day of the game and had to return to Ghana on Tuesday. So, they received $3,750.00 for 3 or 4 days?

Football people arise before your investment is gone. Mr. Amoah has nothing to offer. He is only deceiving Ghanaians and the President especially. He now brags that FIFA has given him the go ahead to stay in power and hand over after the 2020 Elections. This is the time for the football people to get up and fight for the protection of their investment. Fight for your Association before it is destroyed.

I urge all players and those who directly benefit from football to tell the politicians to stay off. They should concentrate in solving the high level of corruption, which has eaten deep in the Ghanaian fabric and causing monumental embarrassment in the international community.

His Excellency, please do not allow this Kofi Amoah of a man and the Minister to deceive you. They know nothing about football. Give football back to the football people.

Unfortunately, we have that idiot of a journalist called Dan Kweku Yeboah together with Songo, Abataye and Kankam Boadu, whose belly have been filled with money. I hear Songo and some few journalists are on a weekly allowance derived from Kofi Amoah. Such criminals are allowed to walk and now apportioning blame on players and Coach. Please it would not wash.

As for the journalist called YAA, if he could do what he did to his brother what can’t he do for money, he is a serious bootlicker. Let’s not also forget the one who works at a media house around Kanda and an ally of Anas together with their boss the President. All of them are hypocrites. They know nothing about football other than football history.

Mr. President, there are wide spread allegations that some Management members were living in the hotel with ladies, with different rooms booked for the ladies during the AFCON in Egypt. I hear they carried food to their rooms so that people would not see. We have seen it oooooo. More stuff would come out soon, including how Government officials sent ladies to Egypt in the name of supporters. Nana Addo, please open your eyes. These people would kill you.

I urge all well-meaning Ghanaians to analyse the situation of our football carefully. Mr. Amoah, bring out a road map and stop inviting clubs to have a meeting on the start of the 2019/20 League. You have shown beyond comprehension with your Special Cup that you can’t run a league. You think we are joking. Go and deal with your Western Union and marriage problems which is hanging on you and leave our football. You can’t even run a colt’s team. You have nothing to offer Ghana Football.

I wish to salute His Excellencies’ President John Agyekum Kufuor and the Late Evans Atta Mills for the level of understanding of football they displayed during their time as President. No wonder they achieved success. If they were in charge, they would have handled matters better. Nana Addo is just like John Mahama. No difference. They allow people to always mislead them.
Football people arise and demonstrate against this useless NC.

Da yie.

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