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Business News of Monday, 18 February 2019


Goshen Porsche Ranch: The technology-run farm that few dare to venture

Sprawled across some 21,832 hectares in the North Tongu district of the Volta region is a flourishing agro-business company that is using methods many complain they lack.

Mechanisation and technology.

These two words are the biggest drawback to farming in Ghana where many have settled for small-scale subsistence farming.

Goshen Porsche Ranch is located at Torgorme on the Kpong left bank in the North Tongu district.

With a steadily growing Ghanaian population, mechanisation is important in meeting the threat of food insecurity. And that is how this modern agro-tech commercial farm has been collecting accolades.

Goshen Porsche Ranch in 2017, bagged the Agro-Business Award (Primary) at the prestigious Ghana Chamber of Commerce and industry at a glittering ceremony in Accra.

The farm has a bold vision of becoming the most successful commercial farm in West Africa in both crop and cattle production through the use of modern technology such as centre pivot irrigation, improved seed, and drone technology in surveillance and spraying.

Effective land management and environmental sustainability also feature strongly in its philosophy and approach towards commercial farming.

The farm also aims at becoming the leading supplier of raw materials to agro-businesses and is currently engaged in the production of maize, soya beans and sorghum. Mr. Franncis Osei, Lead Agribusiness Consultant of Goshen, says the company is encouraged by this important recognition.

"We set out to make a difference in the agribusiness by venturing into commercial farming with technology as the main driver. It is heartwarming to note that our efforts have been recognised."

The company seems poised to make a huge and revolutionary impact on farming methods in Ghana by charting new paths in the sector.

The role of the application of technology in agriculture is becoming phenomenal and we are leveraging on it to assure the objective of being the most ef?ciently managed commercial farm in West Africa.

Managers of the farm have adopted effective application of conservation farming which means that land is not tilled. Plant materials from previous seasons are left on the ?eld to rot, leading to increased organic content of the soil as well as conserving moisture through reduced evapo-transpiration.

That leads to minimum disruption of the soil during planting since there is no use of till planters on the farm, leading to reduced soil erosion.

The practice reduces fuel requirements as season tilling of the soil before planting is done is avoided, avoiding use of fuel.

Goshen Porsche Ranch operates with the belief that commercial agriculture requires some skill sets to ensure success.

“To get the right skill sets, you need to hunt for the right people with the requisite experience, knowledge and quali?cations. We have hunted for some of the best skill sets in the world to manage our farm. A blend of respected local and expatriate experts. And we are leveraging on these skill sets to our comparative advantage,” Mr. Osei noted.

The future

Goshen Porsche Ranch is determined to become “The Most Ef?cient Commercial Farm in West Africa” through strategy, technology and understanding of the environment.

As part of the business model, is to leverage on their equipment base to offer mechanisation services especially during periods when the equipment are idle.

They, however, do not envisage same for tractors as they will be used throughout the season for fertiliser application, spraying, harvesting and drawing trailers.