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Regional News of Friday, 24 September 2021

Source: Kelly Mensah, Contributor

Give women more top roles in hospitality, tourism - Jael Agyei Akyeampong

Jael Agyei Akyeampong, hospitality and tourism professional Jael Agyei Akyeampong, hospitality and tourism professional

Senior roles in the hospitality and tourism industry will be held by a female majority in the coming years, a hospitality expert and member of the African Association of Women In Tourism and Hospitality, AAWTH has predicted.

Jael Agyei Akyeampong, who is the Director of Administration at AAWTH, called on policymakers to prioritize open conversation within the hospitality and tourism industry on how to get more women at the top.

"Africa's hotel industry has proven to be resilient in the face of the global pandemic. Given the industry's contribution to job creation and its impact on various economies, refocusing policies to attract heavy investment into the sectors should be the plan for both the industry, governments and the private sector."

She believes the industry should make considerable strides in terms of intern placements for women.

"As women must strive for the highest levels of success in the hospitality and tourism industries." - Jael told Kelly Lartey Mensah in an exclusive interview at her new office at RB ParkHill Hotel.

Jael also pledged her commitment to using her current role as Director of AAWTH to help put up essential skills workshops and programs to empower women with the essentials skills to work their way to the top.

"We intend to empower more women in the hospitality industry to take up senior roles. It's the plan for me, and the directors of the AAWTH. It will be very exciting to see this in fruition, through mentoring, and other supporting programs to get more females on top of the hospitality and tourism leadership. The future of Hospitality leadership is for women and I'm ready to contribute my part."

Our industry needs to diversify, women should be able to afford to invest in and own hotels and resorts, brands should receive an influx of creative owners/ investors who bring with them fresh ideas, and guests should have an extraordinary hospitality experience tailored exclusively for them. - she shared.

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