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Entertainment of Saturday, 17 July 2021


Give us a break; we don't need this energy in 2021 - Vida Adutwumwaa fires Magluv

Entertainment pundit, Vida Adutwumwaa Boateng play videoEntertainment pundit, Vida Adutwumwaa Boateng

• Vida Adutwumwaa has called out Shatta Wale's girlfriend over her damning comments against Michy

• Magluv has alleged that Michy cheated on Shatta Wale with several men

• She named Nana Appiah as one of the men Michy had an affair with

Entertainment pundit, Vida Adutwumwaa Boateng, has stated that women who always come out to tarnish the image of others must not be given the needed attention as the trend is becoming common in Ghana.

Vida has reacted to the latest revelations by Magdelene Love also known as Magluv, the supposed girlfriend of dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, who has made some damning comments about the baby-mama of the musician, Michy.

According to Magluv, Michy whilst together with her former boyfriend was also having an affair with other men. One of such names she said, is Nana Appiah, owner of Zylofon media. She added that their breakup was a result of her constant cheating and not by any fault of hers as is being speculated by Michy.

Magluv in a post on Instagram wrote: “How am I the cause of your break up oh Michy you like using me to play self-pity but what did you do for Nam1 @nana_appiah_m to give you money to fix your breast and stomach while you were in a relationship with bra Nii and don’t tell me he knew about it cause you and I know he knew nothing or should we talk about the trip to Nigeria with @hajia4reall (what happens in Nigeria stays in Nigeria) which one you want us to talk about the men or the women load… the bible says suffer not for the witch to live so my dear you messed with the wrong person. We continue tomorrow.”

Reacting to this on GhanaWeb TV’s Bloggers’ Forum with Abrantepa, Vida Adutwumwaa, condemned the actions of Magluv. She argued that nobody has the right to question how Michy lived her life since she was never married to Shatta Wale.

“That girl too must be stopped, we won't give you that time. We have other fruitful things to talk about so they should keep quiet over there.. every day she sits in her car and claims to be spilling secrets. We don’t have time,” said Vida Adutwumwaa.

“You guys should give us a break, we don’t need this energy in 2021. Enough of women revealing secrets told them by their former friends. Is Shatta Wale married to Michy? As long as you haven’t married the girl she has every right to do what she wants. The fact that you have a child with her doesn’t mean that you have done the needful by officially asking for her hand in marriage from her family. So, if you are cohabiting and she realizes that you are wasting her time, she decides on whether to see someone else or not.

“I am not endorsing that she dates married men like Nana Appiah but it is about time that men in this country realize that when a woman is staying in your house and the rites haven’t been performed, she is still not your wife and has her freedom to move around," she added.

Watch the full show below:

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