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Politics of Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Source: citifmonline

‘Ghanaians should not leave politics to a select few'

President of the Dominion University College, Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, has challenged Ghanaians to participate in the governance of the country and not to leave politics to a select few.

He said although some of these leaders do not make politics attractive, it should not prevent ordinary citizens from entering into politics.

Dr. Spio-Gabrah who was speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Tuesday, expressed worry that majority of the individuals serving in leadership positions in the country are only in it for selfish gains.

He said: “There tends to be more people in politics these days who are there looking for themselves than the number of those who are there for the national interest, and that is a very, very difficult thing. And there are those who feel that politics must be so dirty so that good people don’t come near.”

He encouraged highly ethical people in the country to ignore the activities of some politicians who intentionally make politics very dirty saying, “we need moral people, highly ethical people to force their way in and not to be discouraged by the very lower levels of party organizations such as district or constituency…they must come in.”

The onetime National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential hopeful further stated that such highly ethical individuals should make the effort to challenge the situation “but we leave the politics only or mostly to people who have certain agenda not in the public interest, then we ourselves cannot escape the blame.”

He pointed out that Ghanaians are generally not interested in the affairs of their community and the country as a whole because “99 percent of Ghanaians have never attended a meeting of their district assembly in their own area to know what goes on, what the debate is in order to decide whether what the assembly members or district chief executive is doing the right thing or not.”