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General News of Monday, 2 September 2019


Ghanaian government always destroying local businesses – Duncan Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has stated that successive governments in Ghana have deliberately set out to destroy local businesses.

He said on the other hand, they have worked to protect foreign-owned businesses.

The Action Chapel International founder made this known in his first sermon for the month of September on Sunday.

Addressing his congregation, he said “the level of insecurity, envy and jealousy in this country is amazing”.

He added that “and if you look at our political system, the way it’s designed, it enhances jealousy and envy”, he observed, adding: “It empowers envy and jealousy”.

Archbishop Duncan Williams stated that “so, it has become a vicious cycle where we have become a society of bringing down one another.”

He added that “and I don’t want to be political, but if you look at people like Zoomlion and others, Zoomlion is a Ghanaian but every government that has come will go after Zoomlion because they don’t understand why a Ghanaian should make it that big”.

The man of God stressed that Ghanaian governments “prefer to cut deals with foreigners and let foreigners come in, take our inheritance, and give us crumbs and peanuts rather than to make deals with a Ghanaian”.

According to him, “So, any government that comes, they’ll tell them that: ‘This man is NPP, or this man is NDC; he’s an enemy of our party, he’s an enemy of state, he’s an enemy of the nation, pull him down, bring him down’”.

He stated that “and we’ll take away everything he has and give it to foreigners, so, sometimes when you’re travelling on the Spintex Road, you’ll see shops, [on which it’s written]: ‘Thank you Ghana’. And another will say: ‘I love Ghana. Ghana is good.”