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Religion of Friday, 25 February 2022

Source: GNA

Ghana will face God’s wrath if leaders, people do not repent — GES

Christian worshipers at an event | File photo Christian worshipers at an event | File photo

The Reverend Fred Barnacle Dadson, Vice President of the Ghana Evangelical Society (GES), an interdenominational Christian Fellowship, says Ghana will face the wrath of God if its leaders and people do not repent of their ways and seek the Lord.

He said God had revealed to the Fellowship to warn the leaders and people of Ghana to turn away from their sins and seek Him to prevent his imminent wrath.

Reverend Dadson made this known when he addressed the press on the revelation the Fellowship had received from God, dubbed “Ghana faces the wrath and fury of God in judgement without repentance.”

He said the Lord revealed to them in the words: “I have gathered and chosen a people from far and near for my inheritance. And what do I see, filth, squalor, ingrate, degeneration, corruption, sin, wickedness and evil. A people who do not seek to know my will concerning their land. My hand is ready. I shall sweep through the land from north to south, east to west.”

“I need a people who shall call upon my name in righteousness, a people who shall depend on my blood and my fire, even the fire of the Holy Spirit to sweep through the land. For if you do not sweep the land, the land shall be engulfed with my fire and in my fury.”

He said the Lord had declared the land of Ghana as “sick” and needed deliverance and healing, adding that, “Only the Lord God Jehovah, the Mighty One of Israel (and Ghana) can deliver and heal us.”

Rev Dadson said the Lord expected the executive and legislative arms of government to seek the good of the people whom they served and not themselves, and the judiciary to uphold justice and fairness in their judgements.

He said the media, the fourth estate of the realm, should be circumspect in their reporting and not report on issues that would bring division and chaos.

Rev Dadson said Ghana was not just any ordinary country, but one chosen by God, so its leaders and citizens should walk in the order of the Lord.

Mr Roland Affail Money, President of the Ghana Journalists Association, reiterated the call on media practitioners to be professional and circumspect in their reportage.

He said the caution was a wake-up call to the media to ensure that they walked not only in the fear of God but did their work in the highest degree of professionalism.

“We should ensure that at all times we are on the sides of rectitude and have the moral locus before we can hold others to check. Our failure to exercise our constitutional mandate of holding people in positions to account can cause disaster for this nation,” he added.