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Opinions of Monday, 27 May 2013

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Gen. Mosquito, "The Ballot Boxes Were Standing Outside", Waow!!!

Ndc lawyer Abraham Amaliba believes the evidence adduced by Johnson Asiedu Nketia in court on Thursday sets him apart from other politicians who do not know the nitty-gritty of the country's electoral matters and therefore a university for Elections should be established with Asiedu Nketiah as the Vice Chancellor.

Waow!!!, one has to be really dumb to voice such a stupidity or be mentally challenged like this Amaliba who looks like an "NSUOBA" to have cojones to say that.

Watching the court proceedings and Asiedu Nketiah fumbling with the English words having a hard time constructing coherent sentences, I saw the NDC bench in court with some of their lawyers using their palms to cover their faces and others grimacing with agony because of Asiedu Nketiah's difficulties in communicating properly in English. At one time, Asiedu Nketiah said "the ballet boxes were standing outside," and this is the General Secretary of the ruling Party,Ndc.

If Asiedu Nketiah is having a hard time communicating well even under the friendly questioning by his own lawyer and having been coached by his own lawyers before he mounted the Witness stand, I dread to imagine what kind of "TwiEnglish" Asiedu Nketiah is going to use when he is put under pressure under cross examination from no holds bar Lawyer Addison who will go for the jugular. I know the NDC cannot criticize the performance of Asiedu Nketiah but their pompom waving praises of his performance is out of order. His explanation of over voting is just too dumb for me to even rehash it here as others have already done that but he provided some comic reliefs that we can all have a good laugh on during the long weekend holidays. Asiedu Nketiah saying there was no over voting or voting without Biometric verification is going to have a hard time explaining how the EC discarded six polling stations with overvoting and voting without Biometric verification.

Let's read some of the exchanges that took place between Tsatsu and Asiedu Nketiah.

"Tsatsu his finds out his view of overvoting.

Witness says "there was nowhere in all 26,000 polling station where ovrvoting" occured. number of votes in ballot box exceed the number of votes by the people at the polling stations. This is his view of overvoting.

Is he aware of voting without verification?, Tsatsu asks.

He says parties agreed that every voter should be verified before voting. there was "unanimous decision" that back-up machines should be provided otherwise voting should be postponed.EC announced that in 400 polling stations voting could not take place so it postponed. He didn't here about machines breaking down on the second day.

Are you aware of "unknown polling stations"?, Tsatsu asks

Aseidu says a list of 26,002 polling stations were given even before printing of ballot papers. He has checked. In some cases the names of the polling stations were wrongly spelled or written in the petition. But they have identified the "so-called" list that were missing polling stations.

He makes a mistake in referring to his affidavit as his petition. He says as a "village palm-wine taper" testifying in court, mistakes are to be expected.

Tsatsu: asks about empty balloting accounting spaces on pink sheets.

Asiedu says once its getting to 5pm everybody "in the village" heads to the polling station. Pressure is brought to bear on the presiding officers. They sort, tally and release the results before ballot accounting is done.

Tsatsu: How ballots are rejected

Asiedu: Agents are trained on how to identify valid and rejected ballots. If a ballot is marked that you cannot is know the choice of the voter or the voter can be identified after voting or ballot does not come from the polling stations, it is rejected.

He shows him exhibit NBH 764 under category of pink sheets with different results.He looks at A1. What is the number of ballots issued to this polling station- entry is 10.

Tsatsu: What is the total votes in the ballot box - 423. The 2nd petitioner says its over-voting?

He disagrees. The number of votes in the box does not exceed the number of people on the register -758. |t cannot represent over-voting."

Justice Sarpong