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Editorial News of Thursday, 6 January 2022


'Garden city' of Kumasi now becoming a slum - Residents lament

Kumasi is the second biggest city in the country Kumasi is the second biggest city in the country

Some current and former residents of the Kumasi Metropolis have been lamenting the current disorderly nature of the once carefully planned beautiful city.

For them the former well-zoned, well-organized city is now almost a huge slum.

Kwadwo Nyamba posted the first lamentation over the city’s current unfortunate state: "If you were born in and lived in Kumasi in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, you would easily realize the once beautiful city(landscape and proper city planning/zoning) has almost turned into a slum now.

"How we got to this state is still a mystery but one can’t rule out politics and the mass exodus of old money to the Accra metropolis and foreign countries…”

His observation was confirmed by many others who say the city is almost unrecognizable in terms of its beauty and proper layout.

“I can no longer recognize my late grandfather’s mansion and neighborhood; the once beautiful African Bungalow in Mbrom, featuring homes with well-manicured lawns. I almost came to tears when I last saw the neighborhood.

"The neighbourhood had already started to decay by the late 1990s/early 2000s before he died. Same with other neighborhoods where family lived in Asokowa and Oforikrom. Decay and deterioration all over.

"Kumasi has seen much better days; much much better. It is a truly pitiful sight today!” Prof H Kwasi Prempeh mourned.

Kumasi is Ghana's second most populated city and one of the most congested. City authorities have often struggled to ensure proper sanitation and adherence to the city’s zoning plan. Several huge slums have sprung up in the city.