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Editorial News of Wednesday, 2 March 2022


Fuel price hikes: Dr. Ayariga slams Ghanaian leaders for their 'short term' idealogies

Hassan Ayariga Hassan Ayariga

Ghanaians economist and founder of All People's Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga, is troubled over the continuous increment of fuel prices in the country.

Dr. Ayariga who could not fathom why Ghana continuous to rely on foreign nations for fuel at high prices believes something could be done to avert the situation.

Taking to his Facebook page, he indicated crude oil can be locally processed at a competitive price and sold to Ghanaians.

To him, this will be beneficial to Ghanaian society and ease the pressure on the consumers rather than importing the final processed oil from foreign countries.

"Can the Ghanaian cope with the high prices of fuel increments in Ghana in recent times? We cannot rely on foreign nations for our fuel when we are a fuel producing country.

"I believe we can decide to take crude oil as our returns from the Oil exploration and process it at a competitive price and sell it to Ghanaians than importing the final processed oil from abroad every time," he wrote in his post.

Dr. Ayariga went ahead to slam the leadership of the country for being "unpatriotic" and only believing in what he described as "short term results".

"The Ghanaian leaders only believe in short term results rather than the long term. We are not patriotic in this country at all," he fired.

He said the well-meaning should go to the discussion table for "non-partisan consensus" on how to make life comfortable for the locals.

"We need all well-meaning Ghanaians to build non-partisan consensus to navigate alternative ways of making life more comfortable for our people," he indicated.

He continued, "In accounting, we learnt "make or buy options of scarce resources allocation between two competing objects" and its socio-economic benefits. Why are we pretending we don't know how to make life better for Ghanaians?"

He added, "May the Good lord grant all of us wisdom. If you refuse to cook for your family, then you will always buy expensive food from outside for them. Exactly what is happening to us as Ghanaians. Because we have refused to put up an oil refinery to refine our crude oil."