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Opinions of Thursday, 22 December 2016

Columnist: Yeboah, Raymond Agbonlahor

Fred Pappoe and other Nii Lantey servants are funny

By Raymond Agbonlahor Yeboah

Fred Pappoe and his entourage, Nii Lantey congratulated should know that Ghanaians are not toys that you can control.For somebody to congratulate you, it means you have done great service to him.

Congratulations just don't come from a person's mouth, it is either he is rewarding you for a great service you have done for him or some sort of help you granted to the fellow.

Nii Lantey congratulations to that few group tell me he was working with them hence the need to commend them in public.

Fred Pappoe, Randy Abbey, Micky Charles all have something in common in terms of political affiliation and the opposition to Kwasi Nyantakyi administration.

Those sports journalist he mentioned also have one thing in common be it Kamkam Boadu, Kwabena Yeboah or the few others the motive is one, to sabotage the FA in criticism.

So if you listen to their sports programme you could see they were working for a certain command.To me, they are a group of a team that have the same target with one commander using political incumbency to frustrate the office of the FA.Every negative news about the FA is always in the hands of Kamkam and their radio was the daring one for the sports minister, thus why any meeting the FA had with the sports ministry was easily leaked to those presenters.

Look at what Fred Pappoe said on his partner Kamkam Boadu sports show, that the FA seat doesn't belong to anybody,meanwhile Nyantakyi has not said so in anywhere besides if not cowardliness and a fear of being humiliated why didn't they stand the contest against the FA capo when the door to that seat was open.

The media is saying that the fact that the sports minister congratulated you means there is a link between you, but Fred Pappoe reaction to that Soccernet story suggest and prove that they really targeted Nyantakyi seat with the help of political power and media.For Pappoe to have said that the FA seat doesn't belong to anybody means a jealous and coup attitude.

Now the threat of Nii Lantey that if he reveals all the secret about the FA to the public they will be shocked, we dare him to come out as Ghanaians.Nii Lantey should also go back and check the 8-9 months he spent in the ministry if he was clean throughout or not.

A sports minister like him came to Sunyani coronation park and shamelessly promised them a new stadium and toilet facility and none of them he honoured.l pity Ghana that he still have fans including those who should have known better.Aman who only came to the ministry to battle the budget of the football association and now leaving without any single legacy.That Bukom boxing ring he is boasting about was there already a long time ago done by one of his predecessors.

Fred Pappoe, there is no way you can compete Nyantakyi because l don't think any sports minister would follow that bad record of Nii Lantey with the help of some media men.

What hurt me most is that he is an addicted talkative but when he reaches parliament he is a dumb-Nii Lantey.