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Regional News of Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Fire kills toddler; burns wedding accessories for would-be couple

A toddler believed to be a year-and-half old was burnt to death after a cylinder exploded in a wooden structure in which she slept at Palm wine Junction near La in Accra.

It is not clear yet what may have caused the explosion but a young girl in whose care the deceased was left, tried to use the gas stove to cook for the child in a kitchen attached to the wooden structure, but the story turned deadly, an eyewitness narrated.

The cylinder full of gas exploded and the fire spread to the room where the toddler had been put to sleep.

"The kitchen is right at the door so no one could enter the room after the fire started" the eyewitness Tsarwetey told
The sad incident happened around 1:00pm Wednesday.

The mother of the deceased whose name was given as Talata, 20, had gone to sell lingerie when the incident happened.

According to the eye witness, the fire service arrived about an hour after the fire began only to realize they had inadequate water in their tender.

The fire spread to about eight other houses, five of which were also wooden structures, destroying several properties in the process.

After several distress calls were placed, another tender arrived to douse the fire. ‘We found the child burnt beyond recognition when we finally entered the house," the eye witness lamented.

The fire destroyed properties in all the houses including wedding items bought by one tenant who would be getting married this weekend, the eyewitness said.

“Sadly, another tenant who has also lost everything in the fire lost his wife at this same time yesterday,” he added.