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Crime & Punishment of Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Fingers of boy, 2 burnt with electronic iron

A two-year-old boy is unable to use fingers after a scar left by burns inflicted on him by a couple for eating at a neighbour’s house at North Suntreso, a suburb in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi.

The victim, Samuel Kwarteng could potentially lose his right hand from complications of injury inflicted on him by a couple who allegedly burnt him with heated electric iron.

Samuel’s father took custody of him from his mother and handed him over to the alleged culprits, Nana and Rita Oti, before travelling to Nigeria.

The child had cane marks all over his body but that perhaps is the least of his worries.

His right hand from the wrist to the fingers is covered with a sore, apparently from a burn which looks deteriorating even to the casual observer.

The suspects, Nana and Rita during interrogation told the police the child accidentally dipped his hand in hot water but Luv News gathered from neighbour the claim is false.

Sources in the North Suntreso community revealed that the couple has been hiding the wound by wrapping it with rags to divert public attention.

They allege that Nana and Rita confined the child and subject him to severe beating whenever he soils himself or eat at a neigbour's house.

One resident in an interview with Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor said the young couple has branded the baby as a witch.

He confirmed that they used a pressing iron to burn his hands and failed to seek medical to help treat the wound until it started deteriorating.

The concerned resident noted that even the teenage mother of the boy is denied access to him and anyone who expressed worry about the way to victim is being treated, that person is subjected to vitriolic attacks.

The suspects were arrested last week and granted bail by police at Komfo Anokye Hospital. Officials at the police station will give no details except to say the case is under investigation.

But the young mother also told Luv News attempts to retrieve her baby from the couple has proven futile.

“I have been banned from visiting my son because they claim I can’t look after him” she bemoaned.

The young mother [name withheld] is appealing to the police to help her get back her son from the couple.

Meanwhile, doctors at the Komfo Anokye Hospital say they will have to clip all the dead fingers to enable them perform plastic surgery to save the rest of the right arm.