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Politics of Sunday, 29 August 2021


Fight your suspension in court – Samson Asaki urges PNC Gen. Secretary

Samson Asaki Awingobit is a former PNC flagbearer hopeful Samson Asaki Awingobit is a former PNC flagbearer hopeful

A former PNC Flagbearer hopeful Asaki Samson Awingobit has waded into the internal wrangling in the opposition People’s National Convention (PNC) berating the National Executive Committee in its decision to suspend the General Secretary of the party without “recourse to proper procedures.”

The Peoples National Convention (PNC) has indefinitely suspended its General Secretary over gross misconduct, incompetence, and insubordination.

The decision to suspend Madam Janet Nabla was taken on Saturday, 28th August, 2021 at a National Executive Committee meeting held at the GNAT Hallin Accra.

A statement signed by the National Chairman, Moses Dani Baah said “the National Executive Committee in considering and adopting a report submitted by the Disciplinary Committee of the party unanimously took the decision to suspend the General Secretary to rid the party of indiscipline to save itself from her persistent vile accusations and disrespect for the leadership of the party which has undoubtedly cast the PNC in a bad light.”

“A petition was put before the Disciplinary Committee of the party calling for the General Secretary to answer for her conduct and stewardship but unfortunately, she snubbed the Committee by refusing to appear before it despite several attempts by the committee to get her to turn up. Following this the Committee presented its report to NEC for consideration which recommended an indefinite suspension of Madam Janet Nabla and it was unanimously endorsed by NEC in accordance with Article 57(7) of the party constitution,” the statement added.

Though a painful decision, the NEC of the PNC says it deems it appropriate to adopt this decision to protect the image of the party in the midst of all the negative press surrounding the party emanating from the conduct of the former General Secretary, Madam Janet Nabla.

But Asaki Samson contends the suspended General Secretary is being treated unfairly by the party urging her not to leave every stone unturned in seeking redress.

He even underscored the need for the embattled General Secretary to consider a civil action against the leadership to overturn the high-handed decision.

“I strongly believe that the General Secretary has not been fairly treated. I, therefore, encourage her to seek redress at the appropriate quarters, including taking legal action if the decision is not urgently reversed.”

Below is the full statement


It is with a heavy heart that I wish to put across my concerns about the distasteful internal wranglings that has bedeviled the People’s National Convention (PNC) over the period – an issue that has persistently undermined the progress of the party.

I am not enthused about discussing party issues in public and that has never been my style. Nonetheless, I am compelled to adopt this approach in the wake of the seeming breakdown of structures in the party, fueled by disunity and divisiveness among the party hierarchy.

Although I have remained silent on all the issues that have emerged in party after the 2020 elections in interest of protecting the image of the party, the latest decision by the National Executive Committee to suspend the General Secretary of the party without recourse to proper procedures cannot be overlooked as it has far-reaching implications on the integrity of the party.

As much as I recognize that NEC has the mandate to take decisions that would best serve the interest of the party, the PNC is a party that is governed by laws and thus any decision must be in tandem with the party’s constitution.

Per the PNC’s constitution, a meeting by NEC to suspend an officer of the party requires the attendance of more than half of regional chairmen of the party; failure to do so implies that a quorom would not be formed per the dictates of the constitution.

I am reliably informed that only seven regional chairmen attended the August 28 meeting in Accra. It is therefore surprising that NEC could take such a decision, which is a clear breach of the constitution.

With the benefit of hindsight, I urge the party hierarchy to do the right thing by reversing NEC’s decision because it is unconstitutional and does not calve a better image for the party.

I strongly believe that the General Secretary has not been fairly treated. I therefore encourage her to seek redress at the appropriate quarters, including taking legal action if the decision is not urgently reversed.

As a concerned member of the party and a former flagbearer hopeful, I am saddened that nearly nine months after the elections, there has not been a concerted effort by the party to do a thorough analysis of what led to our abysmal performance in election 2020 and restrategise ahead of 2024.

I am also worried that the PNC leadership has gone into hibernation such that there has not been a single collective party decision on any issue of national interest since election 2020. This is unacceptable. If the PNC can recapture the hearts of the good people of Ghana, then we must demonstrate seriousness in all our dealings and not be seen as playing second fiddle to any political party.

The party at this stage needs urgent reorganisation and an early congress would surely be of great benefit to the party.

Long Live Ghana, Long Live PNC!

Issued by: Asaki Samson Awingobit (Former PNC Flagbearer hopeful)

Contact: 0243575046

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