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Diasporia News of Saturday, 26 February 2022


Feeding will be impossible in the next few days – Ghanaian student in Ukraine

Obed Ayamba is a Ghanaian student in Ukraine play videoObed Ayamba is a Ghanaian student in Ukraine

Russia invades Ukraine

Fighting between Russia and Ukraine leaves Ghanaians stranded

Ghanaian students call on government to come to their aide

A Ghanaian student in caught up in Ukraine following the invasion of the country by Russian military forces say he will be left without food supply by Monday.

Obed Ayamba, speaking via video call on GhanaWeb TV’s #SayItLoud noted that he had been able to secure some food supplies but does not have enough to last beyond the weekend.

According to the Ghanaian student, the ongoing fighting in Ukraine has led to a shortage in cash supply, leaving him and other Ghanaian students in the country cash strapped.

While appealing to the government to take decisive steps in facilitating their exit from Ukraine, Obed Ayamba noted that feeding will most likely become impossible for himself and other Ghanaian students by Monday if the situation does not change.

“We are hoping that they (government) consider the situation because over here it is really serious. Maybe they might not have an idea how it looks like here. But for us our worry is finance, how to get money to travel to safety is a problem because we can’t receive money. If they even send money, there is no way you are going to take that money out.

“And feeding will become almost impossible in the next few days to come. We have heard that they’ve heard our grievances and they are considering it, but they should speed up,” he stated.

“If it continues like this, that means from next week onwards, we will be left with basically nothing and it will be very difficult because here, we have nowhere to go. The situation is already getting out of hands for us because most students have already run out of money and the fact that even from yesterday it was difficult to receive or take any money,” he added.

On the same show, three other Ghanaian students studying in Russia noted that the situation there, relative to what is happening Ukraine, is calm.

Yamoah Gyasi Derick, Abigail Doh Sedinam and Faska Prince Eyako, however expressed hope in government’s proactiveness in adapting measures to ensure their safety.

Watch the #SayItLoud below: