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General News of Friday, 6 November 2020


GhanaWeb Factcheck: Did Mireku Duker really quote 'Psalm 500'?

Claim: Tarkwa-Nsuaem NPP leadership claim the MP's 'Psalm 500' video has been doctored.

Verdict: False


The Tarkwa-Nsuaem NPP leadership is claiming that George Mireku Duker’s “Psalm 500” video which has gone viral was doctored.

GhanaWeb checks of the full video of the “Peace Concert” organised by Tarkwa Crusaders Chorale on Sunday, November 1, indicates that the MP for Tarkwa Nsuaem actually quoted ‘Psalm 500’ in his speech.

The book of Psalms in the Christian Bible starts at Psalm 1 and ends at Psalm 150.

George Mireku Duker in delivering his message of peace to the patrons of the concert indicated that God appoints a king and not man.

He added that the person who has found favour before God and has been appointed to represent the people of Tarkwa-Nsuaem has already been appointed and “it is not by might nor by strength…but the person whom God thinks can represent Tarkwa-Nsuaem has already been appointed”.

Duker then urged the people to accommodate any individual who wants to avail him or herself to seek their votes and serve them. They should not bear grudges with the candidates of the other political parties.

“You people are doing very well but I don’t like your mood. It appears that there is tension here… If you read Psalm 100, if somebody has a Bible here, he or she can read it for me. After, read 115; if there is a Bible here, just read Psalm 500… five, zero, zero,” Mireku Duker stated.

Duker continued: “The Bible states that we should always be glad when we come before the Lord. When you are singing, we should sing with a joyful and cheerful heart…Psalm 115 teaches us that as humans as we worship the Lord, we need to worship him with a cheerful heart.”

“Why are we here to sing praises to the Almighty God and we do that without a cheerful heart. Or you need a different motivation?” he quizzed.

On Thursday evening, those words were denied by the Tarkwa MP vehemently, and the entire Constituency with him.

In the denial, the NPP accused the opposition NDC of doctoring the video of the concert to score cheap political points.


To verify the claims, GhanaWeb Factcheck Desk claim obtained the full video of the live-streamed Peace Concert which George Mireku Duker made the comment.

Also, in a statement available to GhanaWeb and issued by Gomashie Edem Wisdom, the incumbent NPP’s Assistant Constituency Secretary sought to explain that some members of the NDC resorted to doctoring the “Voice over Videos to cover their disgraceful acts which has incurred the wrath of the good people of Tarkwa-Nsuaem”.

The statement indicated: “Our MP, Hon. George Mireku Duker is an ardent Christian who wouldn't make such a mistake with Bible verses.”


GhanaWeb can confirm that George Mireku Duker said Psalm 500 and emphasized it making the NPP's statement as false.

Watch below the full speech of George Mireku Duker at the Peace Concert.

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