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General News of Tuesday, 25 January 2022


Expect more coup d'états in West Africa - Security Analyst warns

ECOWAS leaders ECOWAS leaders

ECOWAS has lost its legitimacy - Adib Saani

Citizens view ECOWAS as a presidents’ club - Adib Saani

ECOWAS must solve human insecurity issues to avert coups - Security Analyst

A security analyst, Adib Saani, has said recent military overthrows in Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso are just the beginning of political upheavals in the West African sub-region.

In an interview with GhanaWeb, Adib Saani said there would be more military coups unless leaders in the sub-region start addressing the human security issues of its citizens.

He hinted that big countries in the sub-region would soon be the victims of military overthrows.

“There seems to be a consistent pattern of military taking over in the sub-region and I must also add that, this is only the beginning, it is not the end, we should expect more of it, unfortunately, coming around to knock at certain big doors within the West African sub-region, until we rise up to the occasion and deal with the issues of these human insecurities and also implement the ECOWAS protocols on good governance to the latter,” he told GhanaWeb.

The security analysist said that these coups are becoming frequent because the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) had lost it legitimacy.

He added that even though ECOWAS was relatively performing well in terms of economic integration, it was performing poorly in the area of security in the sub-region.

“ECOWAS has lost legitimacy; ECOWAS has lost respect in the eyes of West African Citizens. Because they see it as a president’s club rather representing the interest of the citizens of ECOWAS. That is why a lot of these militaries decide to take over power without fear of ECOWAS sanctions.

“Perhaps with economic integration ECOWAS has done well but to talk about security, ECOWAS has done a bad job. I do not think it has done enough to improve security in the sub-region,” Adib added.

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