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Health News of Tuesday, 22 February 2022


Emergency response time is 8mins – Chief health educator

Emergency responses should be made quick to save lives Emergency responses should be made quick to save lives

A Chief health educator of the Emergency Services at St John Ambulance Ghana, Carol Kalevor, has revealed that the World Health Organization (WHO), the regulator of health issues has put up standard or ideal time for emergency responses in order to save lives. Elsewhere, 14 minutes is acceptable but, in Ghana, 8 minutes should be the fastest due to the poor health systems in Ghana.

When a person falls and becomes unconscious as a result of illness or injury it is termed as collapsing.

In explaining what a mild and severe unconsciousness is, Madam Kalevor stated that “mild unconsciousness is where the person is unconscious, but can be able to hear when you talk, after assessing the person, she demonstrated that one should put the hand in front of the victim’s nose to determine whether the person is still breathing but the severe unconsciousness deals with the person not breathing at all, meaning the heart and lungs of the person has stopped working completely which is life-threatening, for that matter, she demonstrated that the person’s chest needs to be compressed immediately.”

She advised persons who try to save the lives of others to first take care of themselves to make sure they are safe while saving others. Carol Kalevor again advised that people first of all should keep calm and remove all gadgets that might cause the person to bleed.