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Opinions of Saturday, 10 February 2018

Columnist: Frank Goka

Ebony, now that you ‘broke our hearts’ who should we ‘date’?

The late Ebony Reigns The late Ebony Reigns

Was it destiny or it was an unmitigated accident? Was it also, a sheer coincident for a daughter to heed to an intrinsic call to pay a visit to her cherished Mother before embarking on her first European tour; or it was a sacred voyage to bid a forlorn farewell with an eerily ultimate “Judas Kiss” at Mama’s cheek? Again, in what contest are we to place the last words of a Daddy to her daughter that, “take care of yourself” prior to an ostensible return sojourn?

Folks, a gloomy whirlwind had blown from Sunyani and bedaubed the homes of numerous music fans in Black and Red across Ghana, Africa and the world at large! A sprouting, “green”, and fruitful leaf is unplugged prematurely. Is it always true that “good things don’t last?” But Ebony is not a friend to Terry Bonchaka, Castro, Lucky Dube and others who went too soon at the pinnacles of their musical careers!? Hmmmm..! Could someone give me a hard knock on my “sakora” to caution me of snoring too much in my dreamy sleep? Yes God, please let it be that my hard-laboured “walaatu-walaasa” construction activities on the highway today put me into a deep sedated state where I witnessed two toy vehicles manufactured with cans (kon-ko cars) collide; and I saw Ohemaa Ebony’s immaculate image on her CD label in one of the trucks blasting “Maame Hw3”.

Yes, I am talking about that album Ebony appeared cosmetically traditional with a gorgeous African headscarf (“Duku”) and a highly magnified spectacle akin to that of my grandmother. That very pretty picture she and her relatives discussed half an hour before her never-to-be disembarkation!

Ah Ah Ah!! Readers, I am back to reality where even the trees in Ghana had stood still in mourning the sudden demise of our Dancehall-budding icon—Priscilla Ohemaa Opoku-Kwarteng with the showbiz name “Ebony Reigns”. Admittedly, Kaakie wooed me into female dancehall sector and gave me temporary residency until about three months ago when Radio Gold’s Okyeame dropped Ebony’s mellifluous and lyrically enticing song paired with fantastic acoustically tuned beats titled “Date Your Father”. As an ardent music fan, I deduced a lot from that track other than the sarcastic title. It revealed her brilliant ability to play with words, her euphemistic nature, her vision and passion for music and a beautiful damsel with the aim and potential to take Ghana Music to the world.

I conducted a further search on her songs and became very impressed with all her works. I followed her keenly in the media for swing purposes and indeed, it was during the searches that I got to know about other talented genre-players like Kidi, Feli Nuna, MzVee, Dzidu, Kwame Eugene and the likes besides the veteran Kaakie and my unbreakable Noella Wiyaala

Certainly, Ebony is a promising STAR and her unfortunate death shocked my cardiac cells just like many others. Ebony, your sudden demise indeed “broke our hearts”! You are gone, so painfully, with an exuberant talent. As I bid you farewell and pray for our Creator’s acceptance of your soul, I have one question to ask you:

Now, tell us from where you are peacefully resting; as you “broke our hearts” who should we “date”? Your “Mother”, whose heart now resides in her mouth with churning intestines; or your wailing “Father” whose heart is throbbing in his stomach? Just bear in mind that, they LOVE YOU just as we do!

Farewell Ohemaaa! Damirifa Due!

May the souls of others who perished in the accident equally Rest in Peace as we pray for the survival of the driver in critical condition. AMEN!

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