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Opinions of Thursday, 3 November 2011

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Duncan Williams Church Members Should Sue Him

Sarpong, Justice

As Christians, we've been taught to believe in salvation, caring for our neighbors as ourselves and shun the worldly materiaslitic things and when we go to church and put our collections on the offertory plate and stuck our hard earned cedis and dollars into the envelope as our ten percent tithes, we expect our Bishops, Cardinals and Priests to use the money to help the needy in society and not to use that money as their personal banks. Recent scandals by psycho babbling tongue-speaking yahoos like the self ordained Bishop Obinim and Pastor Love and his wive marital problems have shocked the foundation of our christian beliefs.

I listened to Obinim on some of the interviews he granted to Ghanaian Journalists after his temporary loss of sanity when he took a crowbar and went to a radio station to confront a talk show host because he did not like what was being said about him. I couldn't believe a so called man of God can talk about his wife's private part as this idiot Obinim did and those zombie Church members, especially the women will still continue to give him their hard earned money. For the life of me I don't understand how any Ghanaian with full deck will give that moron a penny. I watched one of his videos where the fool supposedly cured a cripled woman and any idiot with an ounce of brain could tell that was a staged cure but his church members were all over him as if Jesus has descended from heaven. Ghanaians should be careful about the way these thieves turned men of the cloth are using the Bible to seperate them from their money. The sad part is that, these members will give their money to these crooks when they don't even have food in the house to take care of the husband and the children.

Can you even believe Obinim promised his concubine that he will give her the collections from his church for three consecutive sundays if she will keep their affair from the public? Helloooo, Obinim church members, did you know your psycho fake Bishop was going to hush his concubine with your hard earned money? That is why I don't like the charismatic and one man controlled churches with their "Sofo maame gospel singers wives' duping their members. I do listen to some gospel music from these people and most of them are very inspiring especially Cee with Great Ampong and showboy Isaac gospel songs and a recent one from Christian Love, "No fears'. The fact of the matter is that, the teachings of these modern day self ordained Priests do not match the gospel music they and their wives produce. Everything they do is geared towards making money than their belief.

Now coming back to Duncan Williams and his prosperity teaching gospel, I find it very bizzare what this man told his congregation in Kumasi unless God wanted to expose him as the fraud that he is and destroy him with his riches. If there are any members in his church with cojones, they should hire a lawyer and institute legal action against him for defrauding them.

They should file a class action lawsuit against this Duncan Williams for using the name of GOD to defraud them and their lawsuit should be based on the fact that, when they gave him their ten percent tithes and collections, they did so with the idea that their contributions should be used to help the orphans and the needy in society and not for this man to use their money to enrich himself. He used the name of God to play on their emotions to defraud them and therefore are seeking relief from the courts to compel the fake Duncan Williams to return all the tithes they have given him throughout the years with interest and punitive damages to serve as a deterrant for other PASTORS to stay away from Church collections and tithes apart from their agreed to salaries.

They should use the below quotes from Duncan Williams as a base for their lawsuit. Something should be done to weave these crooks turned Pastors, Bishop and ArchBishops from the Christian ministry to save the intergrity of Christiandom.


"Speaking at the first graduation ceremony of Action Chapel International Bible College in Kumasi over the weekend, Archbishop Duncan Williams said he was so expensive that the perfume he used could not be found on the shelf of any shop in the country.

The man of God, who calls himself ‘Big Papa’, noted that even the rich people in his church could not put on the kind of attire he wore because they could not afford to buy them. “No matter how rich you are in my church, I will not allow you to intimidate me with your wealth because you cannot even buy the perfume I use not to talk of the attire I wear,” he told the congregation at the church located at Abrepo.

“As a Christian, you should wear the best of clothing, drive in expensive cars, and live in comfortable houses so that the glory of God could be seen in your life because the God you worship is very expensive,” he intimated."

Archbishop Williams categorically pointed out that none of the people he had trained to become pastors could rub shoulders with him for the reason that he did not impart all of his knowledge on them. "He emphasized that he was not foolish to give all that he had as a celebrated man of God to the people he trained, because he knew for a fact that when he did that the people could one day rub shoulders with him."


Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas